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Do you need to Quickly get your Team (re)focused and don't want to do another S.W.O.T exercise?

Kathryn R Martin knows first hand the challenges CEO’s, board and staff members face.  She brings teams together when you need it most.

An On-Site Leadership Summit is a good fit if...

Your organization is at a “Crossroads Moment”


You’re tired of Retreats that don’t create results

...And you’re considering…

...And you want…

Kathryn R Martin is here to make a difference.

No more Annual Board or Staff Retreats that don’t result in what you want!

Kathryn helps you create “breakthrough moments” by identifying often missing context of the current situation, connecting your team to impact, revealing existing strengths to build upon, and helping to articulate what success (really) looks like to the individuals and the organization – and why. And then reverse-engineering what is needed to get you there.

While participants will feel increased engagement, confidence and camaraderie, it comes through knowledge, insights and awareness – rather than unrelated “team-building” exercises.

More than a facilitator, Kathryn is a resource on industry best practices and offers recommendations and solutions in real-time, based upon her unique blend of 30+ years of industry knowledge, hands on experience leading organizations through times of change and transition as a professional Interim CEO, consulting, transformational leadership coaching, and intuition. 

The Leadership Breakthrough Summit

Step 1

Kathryn creates engagement from Day 1

First things first. Kathryn needs to prepare and assess, and begin establishing trust.

  • Materials review: You’ll send KRM relevant materials, including current operating budget/YTD
  • On-line Self-Assessment Questionnaire: Participants share key information confidentially (tailored to your organization’s scenario)
  • 1:1 Clarity Calls: Key participants will be interviewed via ZOOM video or phone prior to Summit
  • Strategy Call: Executive Director & KRM finalize strategy and Agenda for the Leadership Transition Summit
  • Activation Budget Management Tool: If relevant, KRM will recommend and draft a template and budget process for your operating budget presentation.
  • Connection: Key stakeholders will feel engaged in the process, comfortable with KRM, have shared their perspectives, and felt heard and connected to the process.
  • Insights: Potential roadblocks, dynamics, and opportunities will have been revealed to KRM
  • Strategy: KRM will have the key insights and information needed to design the Leadership Breakthrough Summit agenda and strategy.

Step 2

The Summit. Kathryn engages your team, and helps you create your organization’s 6/12/18 month Road Map

With the prep work done and desired outcomes established,  it’s time for Kathryn to meet with you and your team in person to create a shared experience that you’ll look back on as a pivotal moment.

  • Advance on-site meeting(s) with Staff and/or Board
  • A facilitated and energizing half-day Summit
  • A follow-up meeting with leadership to finalize the Road Map – Strategic Action Plan
  • Consensus and understanding of:
    • Best practices, roles & responsibilities
    • Current financial and operational status, dynamics, threats.
    • Opportunities for transformation, momentum, increased engagement/revenue.
    • Decisions needing to be answered, completed, addressed – and when.
  • Strategic decisions made about:
    • What multi-faceted success and impact looks like – for your organization, at this specific moment in your trajectory.
    • The resulting priorities, action steps and timeline.
    • How to ensure personnel have what they need to thrive, and resources are maximized, leveraged, and protected.
    • Positioning, Case of Support, and clear and consistent Impact Messaging around momentum, opportunities, mission and impact
  • Increased clarity, confidence and connection to the organization’s impact, and each individual’s role
  • Your initial draft “Road Map” – a Strategic Action Plan, with specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-sensitive goals, roles and responsibilities, milestones and next steps – providing the Board, Staff and other key stakeholders peace of mind, and knowing how to help.
  • Documentation of the Summit findings and decisions.

What Clients Are Saying

"At the board summit, Kathryn connected us to our impact and our true purpose. "We bring joy to our community." We decided to measure that in "goosebumps" and created an external messaging strategy and audience engagement campaign around that. One of most successful strategies ever!"
San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra
"I watched as our Board's level of engagement and pride shifted before my eyes. Unlike normal board retreats, Kathryn helped us create an actionable and exciting set of Next Steps that we continue to refer to and achieve."
ARTS San Antonio
""Kathryn very quickly identified key strengths and weaknesses of our organization, and then communicated back with a positive can-do attitude, providing a fresh opportunity-focused perspective that energized the board, getting us ready for our next chapter." - Peter Schlueer President & Founder at Enterprise VR Company WorldViz
Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra

Who is Kathryn R Martin?

Over my 30-year career, I’ve had the honor to lead, coach and consult with smart, visionary, mission-driven founders, board members and professional staff of arts and culture organizations. 

I began noticing that the normal consulting being offered in the industry wasn’t providing the breakthroughs and transformational shifts needed to ensure sustainable success and impact. I noticed leaders with all the external attributes of success weren’t happy, and that – especially in the executive search processes – organizations and individuals all sounded the same.

In 2016, I set upon a path to change that.

Hi, I’m Kathryn.

At crossroads moments, I intuitively see your unique and true value, help you reveal the extraordinary possibilities that exist for you or the organization you lead in a Next Chapter, and then I help create the tangible and actionable steps to get you there.

And, we need you to get “there.”  It’s why you are here. It’s why your mission-driven organization is here.

Every week I talk with successful leaders facing challenges.  Leadership transitions, declines in contributed or earned income, donor fatigue, a disengaged board, an undercapitalized organization, a pivotal moment requiring a new strategy, a need to make a compelling case for support. In many cases, “best practices” or respected consultants haven’t moved the needle – or not throughout the entire organization.

I understand. I’ve been there. I’ve been in your seat (as a top executive and as a board member) and faced those challenges, I’ve been a consultant to address those challenges in the “normal” way, and my clients – leaders of organizations just like you – have all been there. 

Instead, it’s time to attack the cause and the symptoms you’re facing. It’s time to know your unique impact, and how to share it with others to enroll and engage. It’s time to (only) make the strategic decisions that will catapult your organization forward – so that you can have the impact you are meant to achieve, and those you serve are counting on.

It’s time to join the MOVEMENT.  Together, we’re making the world an extraordinary place.

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