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Here’s how Kathryn can support you

Kathryn integrates a hands-on consulting approach into intuitive transformational leadership coaching to create the possibility for breakthrough’s and big shifts – quickly.


  • NEW:  The Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy – <<CLICK HERE for all the information and instant access>> – Kathryn’s first-ever, self-paced, fully guided, virtual program using the same content and exercises that have helped her 1:1 and group coaching clients – just like you – begin to curate their self-described dream career/life scenarios. It’s a proven process that has transformed lives.
      • Thinking about your next chapter? Before you make any big decisions, please CLICK on the link above.
      • Are you in a new leadership role and want to put your best foot forward?
      • Are you searching for a new job or role, getting ready to write cover letters, do interviews, and hopefully negotiate offers?
      • Are you “successful” but feeling a pulling for something “more?”
      • Are you wanting to start a New Chapter – like launching a business, or writing a book – and don’t know how to “take the leap” or what your best next steps should be?
      • And how about this: are you DONE with feeling burned out, unfulfilled and undervalued for the work you do?
  • Mindful Leadership Mastermind – Private, personalized 1:1 leadership coaching, enhanced with the wisdom and accountability of a small, curated cohort of colleagues.   For leaders wanting a coach by their side as you envision and create your Next Chapter over the next six months.  A variety of scenarios will be present, and content and live video call coaching is personalized to support, create and monetize the new opportunities that will arise as your momentum and impact build:  Mindset, decision-making, personal positioning, job search, interview and negotiation strategies, first 90 days in a new job, retiring, new business creation, and real-time leadership strategies to move your organization or business forward.  [The Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy is included with this program]  >> LET’S TALK STRATEGY


  • Private 1:1 VIP Coaching & Consulting  – When a leadership scenario requires 100% confidentiality, and urgency.  Job search, materials review, interview prep, new role positioning, negotiation, and more. (limited availability).>> LET’S GET ON THE PHONE  



  • 5-Day Career Breakthrough Challenge –  [OVER 100 people from around the world participated October 22-26, 2018 – check back for upcoming dates] This completely free, online training and LIVE and interactive coaching experience offers leaders a new way to look at your value, get clarity on what you (really) want, and take some actionable steps to get you where you want to go.
  • Create Your Dream Career (Life!) Impact Intensive  – COMPLETED. Designed with the busy leader in mind who wants immediate results, this 5-week virtual group coaching program is offered via six live video training and coaching sessions, guided exercises, live interaction and weekly coaching in a closed Facebook group, and a 1:1 “Go Forward Plan” session.  Reveal your path and purpose, know your true value and create new language that reflects that value, and identify your best next steps. This is Kathryn’s signature and foundational program; helping leaders at a crossroads to quickly get “unstuck” and jumpstart you into your dream scenario!

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