Kathryn R Martin

Guiding you to create the impact you’re meant to achieve

I met Kathryn just as I started embarking on my career transition journey.
We had a wonderful introductory conversation over coffee where I poured my heart out about my consulting work, my passions and my intentions for the next phase of my career. Without realizing it, I was already being coached!
Our conversation was so fluid and encouraging. I realized right away that I had an advocate and an expert on my side.
I participated in Kathryn’s Leadership Coaching program and came away with the clarity I had been seeking. I’m now clear on my positioning and how I will apply it in the next phase of my career. I’m also clear that leadership coaching like what Kathryn provides is invaluable.

Kim Richards

External Director, XQ Vista High at Digital Promise

Kathryn recently coached me through one of the biggest career transitions of my life. Her life experience paired with her warm and vibrant personality provided just the right balance of professionalism and idealism to encourage my leap in a new direction. Her ability to focus our work on the essence of my talents and desire to use them in a fulfilling way never wavered.
She’s an incredibly strong and capable woman who has managed to express her knowledge and expertise in a kind and nurturing way.
I have recommended Kathryn’s coaching practice to others who need help navigating the unchartered territory of their career dreams and turning them into their reality.

Jenie Dahlmann

President at Idealchemy, Transformational Communication Strategist | Interim Leader

Kathryn very quickly identified key strengths and weaknesses of our organization, and then communicated back with a positive can-do attitude, providing a fresh opportunity-focused perspective that energized the board, getting us ready for our next chapter. Kathryn will be an effective interim or transition strategy consultant for any arts organization.

Peter Schlueer

President & Founder at WorldViz, Board Member at Santa Barbara Symphony

I participated in one of Kathryn’s “clarity calls” and it was very helpful! She showed me how I could use my communication skills in a different way to change a tricky situation at work. Kathryn is easy to talk to, offers sound advice and is so supportive of my goals. I highly recommend Kathryn for her leadership consulting.

Adrienne Valencia

Art Education, Community Engagement and Non-Profit Management