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Move Your Organization Forward

Kathryn R Martin helps you create results. Transformational results. Goosebumps.

Frustrated when “standard” approaches don’t move the needle?  Kathryn helps you identify the root of the problem, and create integrated and holistic solutions that have the impact you are seeking.   JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

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When your top leader is departing, and you want to avoid the common pitfalls and risks. As an expert in this unique space Kathryn helps you anticipate and objectively address the common dynamics that appear and guides you through ALL the stages of your transition.
When your organization is facing a significant challenge or opportunity and you want support every step of the way. Kathryn brings your team together to create engagement, breakthroughs and then helps you implement your 6-12-18 month management and governance Road Map - to create success and new momentum.
When you're tired of the same old Annual Board or Staff Retreats that don't result in anything. Instead, Kathryn connects your team to impact and unique value to increase engagement and quickly get on the same page moving forward together.
When you or your team need a quick and results-oriented consultation with a trusted, objective and experienced advisor to reveal new stratgies (or confirm your own) and help you create tangible next steps to move you forward - no matter what your scenario. Materials review is included.
When you or your organization want to invest in your leadership, executive presence, positioning, unique value and purpose - to help you thrive in your current role.