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Blog: Insights, Impact and Inspiration

Every other Friday I share the Happy Friday Newsletter with an intention to help readers be their best selves.  Actionable and inspirational tips, guiding questions and the lessons I (continue) to learn.  In just four years, over 5,000 leaders around the world are now a part of this movement – and I love hearing how you are making a difference and helping others.


A Coach by Your Side is Powerful

Top 5 Reasons Every Purposeful Leader needs a Crossroads Coach

We all want to maximize our potential. Still, we get stuck and in our own way.

How To Create Opportunity During THE Most Critical Stage of Leadership Transition

Learn how to set your organization up for success - the often missed step that creates lost momentum and downward spirals.

Make Next Step Decisions with CERTAINTY

Dont try to address Imposter Syndrome by faking it or muscling through positive affirmations. Do THIS instead.
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It's time to know YOURSELF, so that you can make next step decisions that make sense for YOU!
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A “Thank you” Reveals Your Impact

Receiving a “thank you” brings us into the present moment. It also helps to reveal our purpose.
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Is Good News “triggering” You?

Job seekers, first 90-day-ers, vision board makers: Reveal & Speak YOUR Impact... so that your dream situation can FIND you!
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Are “Facts” Keeping You Stuck?

There can be an ease, and even a sense of belonging, that comes with “piling on” to the doom and gloom predictions and pontifications of others citing why things are not possible, or hard. Instead, use these 4 prompts
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The Problem With Time Management

Managing our time, mindfully choosing where to place our time and resources is the most important practice we can learn. Creating solutions that work must always start... with us.  
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Getting Your Next Chapter “Right”

If you are at a Crossroad Moment: make your Next Chapter one of your dreams!
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Your Next Chapter Began NOW

Your Next Chapter begins NOW. BE how you will be in the new situation - right now.
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Need to Answer Big Questions? Start Here.

"Your purpose is not a business or a cause - those are just "vehicles" for delivering your impact. Your purpose is the impact you have on others when you are feeling joy. Find that sweet spot, know it, nurture it, share it."
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