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Blog: Insights, Impact and Inspiration

Every other Friday I share the Happy Friday Newsletter with an intention to help readers be their best selves.  Actionable and inspirational tips, guiding questions and the lessons I (continue) to learn.  In just four years, over 5,000 leaders around the world are now a part of this movement – and I love hearing how you are making a difference and helping others.


A Coach by Your Side is Powerful

Top 5 Reasons Every Purposeful Leader needs a Crossroads Coach

We all want to maximize our potential. Still, we get stuck and in our own way.

How To Create Opportunity During THE Most Critical Stage of Leadership Transition

Learn how to set your organization up for success - the often missed step that creates lost momentum and downward spirals.

Gratitude Starts With “Me”

Try this: express gratitude for... yourself! Find and acknowledge your impact, communicate it, and create your own momentum.
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NEWS FLASH: Things don't HAVE to be hard. We can CHOOSE ease.
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The Secret I Want to Share with the World

Living in the intersection of impact and joy is why you are here. How you create that impact is unique, and is your most valuable "skill."
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Playing With Uncertainty

Uncertainty does not have to be a negative dynamic. Use these 4 Guiding Prompts to gain deeper insights on your thinking.
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Gratitude Changes Everything

Everything you need is in the present moment... you have to choose to SEE it.
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It’s More Than Imposter Syndrome

So much time and energy is wasted believing we are less than. Look inward and find the truth. You belong. You are needed.
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CHOOSE Your Reactions: Feel Better

The actions of others do not determine our happiness.  Choose the assumptions and meaning you place on what occurs, and everything can shift!
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What Do You Want to Be Known for… Today?

What do YOU want to be known for... today? Know your impact when you're feeling joy, cultivate it, and build a reputation for doing and being THAT.
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Six Steps to Freedom

Kathryn's Six Steps to Freedom help you take stock and reveal new possibilities in your career (and life!).
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