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Being a part of Kathryn’s first Create Your Dream Career (Life!) Intensive group was an amazing experience. I am truly grateful to both Kathryn and the other participants for helping to create this momentum in accomplishing my goals and creating positive change in my community!
The group dynamic pulled us out of the details of what specifically our next move should be to elevated discussion on what we have to offer and what we really want to accomplish.
Two days later this new perspective was already taking me to new places. Because I was able to more clearly see all that I have to offer, my confidence grew, the ideas for projects became more aggressive, and the potential impact even greater!
I am a lifelong social athlete who is passionate about providing people with the opportunity to experience unique outdoor activities and feel a sense of accomplishment, joy and freedom through achieving physical goals.

Diana O'Connel

Director of Finance, Financial Planning & Analysis

My phone call with Kathryn was sooooo helpful.
There comes a point in everyone’s working life (sometimes several points …) whether you are changing careers, finding your true passion or just revitalizing your approach when you could use a fresh, objective perspective. Those are the times when I encourage you to contact Kathryn Martin.
Based on her vast experience, Kathryn is clear, constructive, encouraging and has amassed about as many right-on-target techniques in her quiver as the Green Flash has in his. She help find your goal, not hers, and hit the bulls-eye.

Marcus Newman

Prophetic Playwright

As Interim at the Santa Barbara Symphony Kathryn helped the organization stay on mission and messaging during a large transition.
Guiding the board and staff to learn how to leverage the message allowed us to grow and gain momentum at a time when the organization could have fallen into the status quo.

Amy Williams

Director of Education

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