[Friday Leadership Tip] Standing up for YOU

“Get up, Stand up!  Stand up for your rights! -Bob Marley

Last week as I sat in the audience of our presentation of GlobalFest, at the end of another great week onsite as Interim President & CEO, this iconic Bob Marley song took on new meaning for me. I’ve been humming it to myself ever since!

In my coaching practice, I am proud to work with clients who “stand up” every day for their mission-driven organizations. These are amazing people who passionately secure resources in order to help others, and ensure that the people they manage are empowered and working towards shared goals.

What’s interesting is that as humans, we “stand up” for social justice issues, we “stand up” for political leaders who we believe will move our country forward, we “stand up” for our children…and yet, there’s one thing we often don’t “stand up” for.  OURSELVES!

When we think about our options, about what we want, and what will bring us joy (and success), it’s interesting to see how often we tend to insert what we think is “practical” or “realistic” into the equation. We often are quick to deprive ourselves of the gift of thinking in possibility, and then standing up and fighting for that dream.

When we go on that job interview and don’t get a call back, we tell ourselves we “weren’t being realistic anyway.”

When we think about a career change, that little voice in our head tells us that “there’s no money in that,” and so we sell ourselves short and never try.

My message to you?  You have a CHOICE.

You get to choose the context and meaning that you place on things.

Why not create the context you need in order to love the aspects of what you are currently doing? When you are looking for a job, make sure you KNOW what your dream job looks like, and make sure you are positioning yourself in ways that will support that goal. Since you get to choose your context, choose an empowering context!

Take charge of your actions and challenge your “reality-based” assumptions, and claim what you WANT.

Get up!  Stand UP!  Stand up for YOU!

And as you do that, I am here to support you! Let’s get on the phone and create the strategies to move forward. If you’d like to chat with me,  click here to schedule a clarity call.
I’m standing up for you,


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