Don’t Wait to be Happy – People Need You!

Be Happy!

Stop waiting. If you’re not happy – it’s your responsibility to “fix” that.  People you are meant to help when you are BE-ing your best self – are counting on you! Feeling joy is NOT a selfish act, its a litmus test and compass to your impact/purpose.

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Impact Goals – Transform How You Feel

What do you REALLY want to celebrate?

Don’t create goals that make you feel burnt-out, empty, and adrift when you accomplish them! Summer is a perfect time of year to create you “Impact [“So that…”] Goals” and connect with what is meaningful to you, and why. 

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How to Leverage Change

Whether you are creating the change, or it is suddenly happening to you, you have the possibility to make it THE moment where your life shifts into having the meaningful success, joy, balance and impact you are meant to have. The hard part? Making a choice to recognize the moment for what it IS.

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How to get unstuck on things that need to get done

You’re STUCK. You already know the time management and leadership strategies you “should” be using, but they don’t seem to help NOW. Instead, use these 4 Steps to first identify and separate any “voices in your head” that may be preventing you from using the leadership strategies that can then help you to move you forward.

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Two Questions Leaders Must Answer

What are your superpowers?

Our actions should speak for themselves… but what if the people you are meant to help, can’t yet SEE your actions?  What if they are moving fast focusing on their own problems? You have superpowers – let people know!

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