Shift Your Day: Shift Your Life

There are alot of things outside our control right now.  And… 

… if you are at a crossroad moment, feel a pulling to make a change, and worry that now is not the time or what you want is no longer going to be possible, I have good news.  GREAT news.

No matter what is going on around you, or what others are or are not doing, you get to choose to “show up” in ways that create the possibility to get what you (really) want.

And, when making a big change seems too daunting right now, focussing on making TODAY your best day, is a great practice. and it’s always possible!  Even during times of change and uncertainty.

I’ve written alot about this subject on my BLOG, I just released a new e-Guide: SHIFT: Strategies for Times of Change, and it’s why I created The Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy to guide leaders through a process that reveals your unique path forward.

To make today the first day of the Next Chapter that you envision, have some fun below with my BINGO: Shift your day and you’ll shift your life!

With the release of my new e-guide, Shift: Strategies For Times of Change, I am making it easy for you to take the first step by offering a free Strategy Call where we can candidly and confidentially talk about your specific situation. Big dreams, require big support and If you’re ready to navigate these times of change, with someone who knows how the deck is stacked, please don’t hesitate to call.

To your success,


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Patterns, Prompts & Practices

Encountering the unexpected,
reveals and reinforces our path as leaders. Now more than ever, know that your true value comes when you show up fully, authentically, and
with the intention to have the impact on others you are meant to achieve.

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Don’t Wait to be Happy – People Need You!

Be Happy!

Stop waiting. If you’re not happy – it’s your responsibility to “fix” that.  People you are meant to help when you are BE-ing your best self – are counting on you! Feeling joy is NOT a selfish act, its a litmus test and compass to your impact/purpose.

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Impact Goals – Transform How You Feel

What do you REALLY want to celebrate?

Don’t create goals that make you feel burnt-out, empty, and adrift when you accomplish them! Summer is a perfect time of year to create you “Impact [“So that…”] Goals” and connect with what is meaningful to you, and why. 

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