Leadership, Business and… Horses!

What do horse professionals, entrepreneurs and arts & culture organizations have in common?

As it turns out…a LOT!

One of the wonderful perks of my business is that I get to work with many different kinds of leaders and organizations. No two days are alike, and that’s one of the reasons I love what I do so much!

In my work with such diverse leaders, I notice patterns and common dynamics that they share – “even if” on the surface these individuals and organizations all seem very different.

This past week I had an incredible experience coaching & supporting over 60 heart-centered professionals as they transform their horse-related businesses (and as a result, their lives, their student’s lives, their horse’s lives, and their industry as a whole).  It was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my professional life, and I’m grateful to Karen Rohlf for inviting me.

Next month I’ll be leading over 50 women entrepreneurs/CEO’s through my signature “Create Your Dream Career/Life” 5-day intensive as part of Jenny Kassan’s extraordinary program teaching women how to secure funding from investors.

In many ways, these two groups of successful women and the industries they serve, are worlds apart.   And yet, they both face the same foundational challenges as they seek to leverage their professional success for greater impact and joy.

These foundational challenges show up as symptoms – often disguised as confusion, overwhelm, feeling undervalued or stuck.  On the surface, these things may even look like being practical, industry norms, being humble, and being of service to others.

So if you are noticing these symptoms, feel like you are at crossroads of some kind, and want to know what action you can take to make things better, there is something I want you to know.

More than (only) your skills and expertise, you bring unique perspectives, approaches, a way of BE-ing into the world, and the world needs it.

We need you to do what you do, in that special way that you do it, when you are at your best.  When your heart is singing.

I’ve tested this premise and I know it to be true 100% of the time. 

So once you accept that this is a fact about YOU, then your job is to identify what “that” unique purpose is. You can explore the powerful ripples of impact you have, the problems you solve, and who you are meant to serve as a leader.  NOTE:  there will be many, many diverse ways (jobs, professions, relationships) in which you can achieve it.

Here’s the deal.

No matter what answer you’re seeking, you must first know three things:

  1. When you are at your best and feel truly alive because you’re doing your “thing” in that special way that you do it … what occurs, and who benefits?
  2. What is the unique system you use to get that impact (hint: you do have one), and what are the “causes and conditions” you need to be present in order for you to get those results?
  3. What do you want in your Next Chapter or for your “Point B” – and I mean REALLY want? Why?

Without the deep answers to these big questions, achieving true success or fulfillment becomes a crap-shoot.

These answers are also hard to find on our own.


  • We avoid these questions and get more and more training and education.
  • We launch websites, create marketing materials, submit applications… that don’t connect.
  • We listen to the voices in our head and worry about what others may be thinking (“Who does she think she is?!”)
  • We may look professional and may also look exactly like everyone else who “wears the uniform” of the job title or role.
  • We put our future in the hands of others, because we won’t take responsibility for knowing who WE are and be able to articulate that clearly.

Stop wasting time!

Do the work. Study yourself.  Be the expert on you! Know your value.  Know your impact.

Once you’ve done that, you may notice how work/life balance, big decisions, and other choices are made easier, and momentum begins to build!

Your value is understood, recognized and you’ll find yourself able to communicate in ways that connect with those who can help you, and those who you are meant to support, help and serve.

If you can sense the passion (i.e. frustration?) in my voice, know that it comes from watching leader after amazing leader not see their own value (at first)!  I am here to help you see what is already there, stop wasting time, be strategic in your choices, all SO THAT you can lead with purpose and have the kind of impact you are meant to achieve.

To your success,


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