Take Charge: Name Your Chapter

No matter what the situation, YOU are in charge of your reactions and your next steps.


How you choose to view the situation, your assumptions about what it will mean and what is and is not possible, is 100% in your control.

And, how you choose determines whether or not you will create self-suffering or thrive.

Mindful choice is a practice of self-observation, actively testing assumptions (being brave to seek out the ones hidden in plain sight that sound like “facts.”).  It is NOT pretending to be happy or burying your head in the sand or using positive affirmations to avoid looking inward.

Why is being “in charge” (in this context) so important?

When you are in charge of your reactions and outlook, it is only then that you can be sure you are creating Next Step Decisions that will support you and create the possibility for getting what you (really) want.  Note:  Having clarity on what you really want (vs should and expectations) is a whole other topic!

One of the many tools I use to teach my coaching clients to reveal and create empowered Next Steps that align with their innate momentum, impact, joy and financial sustainability is an exercise I call “Name Your Chapter”.

Here’s a portion of that exercise for you to try:

Name Your Past Chapter(s): Think about your recent past.  Think about the impact you had on others, the lessons you learned, and what brought you joy.

  1. Finish this sentence:  “That Chapter of my life was all about…”
    • Not what you did specifically, but the intention (in hindsight) about how you showed up.  For example: Was it all about… exploration? Stepping out of your comfort zone? Following threads? Finding your confidence? Opening Doors? Finding joy?
    • Now, what if in your chapter you were dealing with something terrible?  A death of a loved one? A serious medical illness? Being fired?  My invitation is not to name the Chapter “all about pain. Or all about suffering.”  Rather, identify how you worked through it, or learned.  Perhaps:  “… redefining what success is to me. Learning the power of the present moment.  Finding my strength.  Learning to ask for help.”

Name Your Chapter(s) You Want to Have in the Future

  1. “My Next Chapter is going to be all about…”
    • Again, don’t name it “finding a job” or “being valued” or “finding love” or “getting a raise”
    • Instead create phrases that connect you to your “Intention for Being”  (which you have 100% control over) – and that make you smile. They only have to make sense to you:  “Rocking and Rolling!” (not holding back! Generating impact!”)  or  “Flowing in business and life” (not worrying about “what if’s” , having balance, knowing your value)   “Moving with ease and grace”  (being financially sustainable, being confident without triggers)   etc.

Name Your Present Chapter

  1. “This Chapter is all about…”   This is often the hardest Chapter to name, and it is the crux of the exercise.  Knowing the Chapters of the Past, and Knowing the Future Chapters you want… what does your CURRENT Chapter need to be?
    • What are the thoughts, feelings, language and actions that you could take now to create impact and feel joy today while simultaneously creating the possibility for the chapters you envision?
    • For some, it may be similar to what you named your future Chapter(s).  That’s okay if it’s true. 
    • You may find that doing 7 days of self-observation helps to reveal your patterns.  When you had a good, meaningful, successful, impactful, joyful day… in addition to begin grateful for others, what did YOU do to create that possibility?  That is the self-knowledge that is so key and so undervalued by ourselves.

Now, EVERY time you start your day, set out to make decisions, catch yourself re-acting to something, reflect on the intention you’ve already set for this Present Chapter. Through that intentional lens, take charge and actively and mindfully CHOOSE what you want to do next, why, when and how. 
If you’d like a guide to help you create Next Step decisions with ease, joy and financial sustainability, let’s talk!  Schedule a complimentary and confidential Strategy Call to dive in to your specific scenario and see if Next Chapter coaching is the right fit for you.

To your success!

Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

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