The Truth About Your Time [Friday Leadership Tip]

As we head into the home stretch of the summer, do you find yourself thinking “I can’t believe it’s August already!”   Or when you celebrate family or career milestones, is it hard to believe the years have passed?

In our fast paced, technology driven world, it’s easy for the days to fly by even faster as we move from one project to the next, then one week to the next, until one day we look up and ask: “Where has the time gone?”

While it’s perfectly natural and human to reflect on the passage of time, we have a powerful choice when it comes to the meaning we place on the time that has “passed.”

When we focus on the things we haven’t accomplished, we unconsciously pass judgment on ourselves and imply (to ourselves and others) that we are unsatisfied about how we’ve invested that time.

Instead, I suggest we reframe that question to:  “What are the things I’ve accomplished this past day , week, month, or year that I’m most proud of?”  and “What is the impact that has occurred because of my actions and how I choose to BE in the world?”

Can you see the difference? Both questions address the passage of time, but the focus of the two questions is entirely different! The “Where has the time gone?” question focuses on lack, while the “What have I accomplished?” question focuses on abundance.

It’s a subtle, but important shift in thinking when it comes to living a purposeful life and making the greatest impact in the world that we can.

It’s also important to remind ourselves that the only thing that’s real is what’s happening right now.

All we have is this moment.

Days, months, years and decades are just human inventions that help us measure the quantity of those “moments,” and passing negative judgment on ourselves about what we haven’t yet done, is usually not going to serve our greatest good!

While viewing the glass as “half empty” sometimes can strengthen our motivation, there is a difference between getting more inspired to create what we want, and looking at the past in a judgmental way.

I explain this approach in more detail in the new e-guide I released a few weeks ago that you can download here.

So as we finish up the summer of 2016, I encourage you to focus on all of the amazing things you’ve done this year… and how your actions and choices have made a difference – and to whom.  In your organization? Your community? Your family?  Start by making a list for just this past week!  Noticing and acknowledging those small “wins” – especially when stacked together will both reveal and create your momentum and trajectory!

Remember, that if you have a clear intention, a clear purpose, and a strong “why,” you will be able to use each moment in the highest way. It won’t always be perfect, but it will be great!
If you’d like to get clear about creating YOUR purposeful intentions, and make sure you’re focused on the best actions to move those intentions forward, I invite you to schedule a Clarity Call with me.Click here to schedule your complimentary Clarity Call today.

As always, I’m grateful to have you as a part of my email community, and I stand by you in FULL support of your intentions, dreams, and commitment to making a big difference in the world.


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