Too Busy? Here’s Something That Can Help

Have you experienced those moments when “all of a sudden” you have A LOT going on?

Those moments when it seems like all of those tasks or responsibilities pile on top of each other and just become “too much.”

How do you feel in those situations? How do you react to unexpected things being on your plate, even those really exciting opportunities?

Are you someone who thrives in these situations, and gains energy from them, or do you get burned out from the added stress and become stuck?

I think a lot about this as I work with my clients, who are often high performing leaders making a big difference in the world. I’m always asking myself how I can help these busy and successful souls to leverage their strengths, create success and build momentum.

How can I make sure they strategically choose where to spend their time – so that they and their organizations/businesses can have the impact they are meant to achieve, and have the joy and work-life balance that’s so important?

I ask those same questions of myself as I curate my business and life, so that the work I do as a coach and consultant is sustainable (financially, emotionally and physically) and continues to bring me joy.

While there are certainly many marketing, positioning, and time management strategies that we use to create momentum and growth as well as prioritize and spend our time efficiently, there can sometimes be missing pieces that – when added – can make a big difference.

Here are some ideas:

  • We can get even more clear on the impact that we create, and what we want to create, for others as a result of us showing up as our best selves.  Think about the “why” and “why me” of your To Do List. Elevate your thinking from being task-driven to focussing on meaningful accomplishments. This helps to connect us to the larger context of our true value and purpose and provides a foundation for all our actions.
  • Set an intention for achieving that impact (BEing not DOing).  It may sound almost counter-intuitive, especially in busy times, but when we reframe success in terms of BEing, and truly value the ripples of impact we have when we show up as our best selves, it puts us in the driver’s seat.  It helps us to prioritize where we put our time, delegate, ask for help, and puts a spring in our step.
  • Notice, celebrate and share when that impact occurs and how it became possible.  This reinforces (to ourselves and to others) that we’re more than someone who completes tasks on time.  We are more than someone who “gets stuff done.” We’re making a real difference.  This practice creates all kinds of exciting momentum, as well as acknowledges all the people who are helping you. Oh, and it feels great!

So, how will you reframe your To Do list, and shift from being overwhelmed to excited?


I have a lot going on right now – a volume and complexity that just three years ago would have been more than daunting. I’m a planner and it’s vital for me to know the end goal in order for me to articulate and then “reverse engineer” how to get there.  It’s what I do well.

This year has provided an opportunity to elevate my thinking about my vision, goals and the implementation of this “Point B,” as I planned our family’s move without knowing when exactly our house would sell, or when Peter’s specific retirement date was going to be, or when our son’s last day at college would be.

In my business, I “planned” new programs without knowing when I would launch them, or how much I would be able to invest in time and funds, or the specific vehicle I would choose to create transformation for my clients.

Every day, my To Do list was long, and there were often tough choices to make about whether or not I should say “yes” to getting together with friends or finish up some work-related business.

I used the steps above and saw first-hand how I’m not only joyfully navigating the logistics and my long To Do’s but I also seem to magically have space for new, wonderful, unplanned opportunities to appear.

I set my intention every day for the way I want to BE (to connect, to let the creativity flow). When I do that – even if I don’t finish everything on my To DO list each day, I’ve succeeded.

I create a schedule that creates the causes and conditions I need to meet the needs of my clients, provides refueling time, allows for deep conversations and spontaneous opportunities.

I notice, celebrate and share when things in life happen that create the possibility for me to be of service.

Momentum is building. My heart is singing. And now I’m going to go pack.

To your success,


P.S. – I love hearing from you! How do you navigate all the things on your plate?
And, if you’re feeling like you’re at a crossroads of some kind, let’s get on the phone to see if I can be of help!

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