Truths to Help You Focus In Possibility During Times of Change

I’ve been doing a lot of ZOOM-ing!

These conversations are some of the best parts of my day – individual and group video calls where I am literally sitting on the edge of my desk chair leaning in as clients are breaking through past beliefs of what is and is not possible and “all of a sudden” are finding their voice and new-found courage to leap into a Next Chapter of some kind (creating more authentic and vulnerable ways to lead in their current role, applying for jobs, starting a new business, updating their website, or reframing what successful and productive mean).

The volume of these conversations has led to a lot of thinking and writing for my next collaborative book project and upcoming blogs. Today I share the following truths to help you focus in possibility – and offset any thoughts of what’s not possible right now. As always, my intention is to help – use what resonates and disregard the rest! If you’d like to go deeper into these topics, please check out my BLOG Archives – many have prompts and exercises that can help. 

To borrow Oprah’s line: “here’s what I know for sure:”

  • Making a morning list of what I’m grateful for not only feels good but creates its own clarity and momentum.  It builds upon itself. My list gets longer.
  • “Our Intention Creates Our Reality” – Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Setting an intention for BEing and helping others and then observing the results, shifts our awareness of our own value and impact, and is the most powerful tool I use. During times of uncertainty this benefit is amplified.
  • The smallest of gestures, done with the intention to benefit someone else, can have profound impact.
  • While planning what to “do next” in our careers can seem counter-intuitive during a time of transition and change – it is THE time of opportunity for making a leap… IF (and it’s a BIG if) we have the foundational (and often missing) self-awareness that is needed.
  • When we see possibility – regardless of how big or small, we have a responsibility to share our voice of possibility so that others may benefit. (Shining a light on others’ voices of possibility is important, too!). Here’s a link to a LinkedIn post to share YOUR examples of people leading in possibility – remember to tag!
  • We can be professional and help “move the needle” without makeup, and with a puppy in your lap.
  • Journaling, talking to friends and colleagues, doing a vision board or sheltering in place does not necessarily guarantee this time of self-reflection will create a miraculous “ah-ha” moment about our purposer or right path forward. A guided process can.  
  • Everything we need is in the present moment.
  • Technology can help us create deep connection.
  • Now more than ever, one person, one voice can and is making a difference. 

Is this resonating with you? Please let me know how you are doing, and how you’re navigating this time of change. I love hearing from you! 

And, if you’d like to connect with a proven process to  and proactively use this time to look inward and connect with your true value and learn how to leverage and monetize your superpowers, Registration for The “Path Forward” Coaching Package is open [Includes The Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy PLUS 1 month in the Mindful Leadership Cohort]  

To your health!


Kathryn R Martin,
“Next Chapter” Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy

Leadership Transition Strategist & Professional Interim CEO

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