Leadership – What’s LOVE Got To Do With It?

Happy Friday!

Inspired by Valentine’s Day, this week I’ve been thinking about love!  And… this extends into the workplace.


In his article in Inc.com about leadership at West Point, Bill Murphy, Jr. remarks that “Great leadership — at West Point and everywhere — has a lot to do with love. Not romantic love or unconditional love but that caring, passionate drive that binds teams together to accomplish goals greater than any individual among them could imagine.”

The Greeks spoke of a kind of love, “agape,” which can be described as choosing what is right and best for the other person, rather than what you want or feel like doing.  It is about behavior, not feelings.

Even though this leadership concept has been around for a number of years, I’m still reading blogs where the authors acknowledge that the professional business leader/reader may be thinking that bringing love into business is too “woo-woo.”

On the contrary. There’s been quite a bit of research demonstrating that emotionally connected employees simply perform better.

I feel this kind of love every time I begin leading a new organization as a professional Interim CEO.  Or facilitating a Board Summit, or coaching an individual.  It’s the visceral feeling I get when I hear about the mission, and when we dig in deeper and I learn of the incredible impact they are having on those they serve. And when I see the strengths in the dedicated people wanting to make a difference and who simply need leadership, my heart expands, my heart is full, and it feels like love.

Love in seeing the incredible possibilities, love in championing and supporting the people we lead.  Creating “campaigns” and creating common and shared “goals of impact” for groups of people – staff, board, entire organizations and communities to achieve (and celebrate) together.

And bottom line:  it works.  Engagement goes up. Priorities become clear. Goals are met and surpassed.  We see what Benjamin Zander refers to as “shining eyes” in those around us.   And we know that – as author John Hope Bryant champions – this is the new way to lead in a fear-based world.

So many of you reading this, work within mission-driven non-profits, heart-centered businesses, or volunteer in your communities.  Are you looking beyond all the necessary tactics, deadlines, best practices and strategies, and opening your heart to others?  Helping them to be their best?  Helping to lighten their load, and truly serve KNOWING that this will in turn create deeper engagement, loyalty, creativity, success… and the impact you are meant to achieve?

ARE you confident enough and brave enough to lead…with love?

If so, I’m here and ready to champion you!

Let’s schedule some time together to explore how you can uplevel your own leadership skills, and make an even greater impact on those you serve.

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To your success,


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