A Key Lesson for Success in Any Field

“Wow – you are so passionate about what you do!  I can tell you’ve really found your calling in life!”

This is probably the best compliment I could ever receive. To know that I am living in such a way that my passion and love for what I do shines through, is truly gratifying.

I heard this statement from three different people this week! What I found interesting was that each conversation was an observation about a different type of my consulting work – in this case it was serving as the Interim President & CEO of a performing arts center, doing 1:1 leadership coaching, and speaking at a Writer’s Workshop on breaking through resistance.

Each time it was said, it surprised me because I wasn’t talking about what I do, I was doing the work; focused on the client, in the “zone,” and thinking about ways to address a problem. And yet, it resonated.

It got me thinking about you…my email community.

There is such a diverse group of people with whom I’ve been blessed to connect over the years. Arts leaders, non-profit board members and CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and stay at home moms! It’s really remarkable, and humbling when I think about all of the ways that you make a difference in the world.

Ever since I launched my business in January, I’ve been constantly refining my response to that infamous question we often hear: “So Kathryn, what do you do?”

From the start, I’ve made it my goal to create a business that would be driven by the impact I can make, and not just limited to the “who” I should work with and “what” services I should provide. What I’m realizing is that I am called to serve many types of clients for a reason.

So to help YOU build momentum, over the next few weeks, I’ll share some of the life and business lessons that come up from the different types of work I do with my clients.

This week, I’ve been back in Milwaukee working as a professional Interim CEO – leading my 8th organization through a strategic transition. It’s one of the most fulfilling types of consulting work that I do. Here is a key lesson that has surfaced that I believe is paramount for success in any field:

Create a unified, clear picture of what you really want, and empower those around you to be a part of making it happen.

Since I’m not on-site every day in Milwaukee, I must prioritize tasks and projects quickly. I’ve learned that it’s critical to take time in the beginning to test, hone and confirm a clear goal, and then find ways to ensure that we have the “buy in” from the team.

This creates confidence, creativity and momentum! In Milwaukee, brochures, invitations and letters are going out, thermometers are going up, community partners are being invited in…and all stakeholders are working together as we invite the community be a part of our mission-driven work!

So let me ask you…

Whether you’re in the field of Interim Management or not, do you have change-related challenges that you’d like to solve? Do you want to talk about ways that I might be able to support you in solving those challenges?

Let’s get on the phone and see how I can support you. Schedule a clarity call with me, and I promise you’ll walk away with a much clearer understanding of what YOUR best next strategic moves might be – for you and for your business or organization.

Schedule your time here.

Stay tuned for more “lessons from the field”, as next week I’ll share some key takeaways I’ve noticed from my 1:1 coaching work.

It’s an honor to serve you.

To your success,


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