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I’m celebrating!  [Read on, AND join me live at 6pmPST Friday for a Facebook LIVE “Ask Kathryn” Happy Hour!]

Some of you have been a part of my e-community since day one, when five years ago I took a big breath, made my leap, resigned from my job, and let myself be guided by a curiosity to learn what truly made my heart sing – and to see if I had a voice and a purpose. 

It’s been a mindful path of discovery, un-folding, fact-finding, testing my assumptions and limiting beliefs, and using joy as a compass and litmus test to reveal the impact I’m meant to have. And then, choosing the embodied actions to create the possibility for it to occur!

This process continues to put me exactly where I am meant to be.  Like magic.

It’s a process that I’ve shared with you in my blogs, and that my coaching clients in the Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy and Mindful Leadership Group use to curate their Next Chapters of joy and impact.  

And, I continue to be amazed at what can occur. 

This week alone, a client in a job search not only received all the (significant) terms of their counteroffer, but they were offered an unexpected additional $5,000 to their base salary.  None of that would matter, however, if it wasn’t also a scenario where – because of how this leader was able to speak authentically about their purpose (impact when feeling joy) – they found a true connection, a synergy in values, a mandate, and knew they would have fun working together!

Also this week, I am in the news, and I share my decision to say YES! as a way to acknowledge my gratitude and awe for the ease and flow in my life.

For 18 years, I’ve had a passion for leading organizations through transition as a professional Interim CEO, and then, as I watched the corners of my mouth go up, I said yes to being the President & CEO of the Santa Barbara Symphony, in partnership with two extraodinary leaders: Board Chair Janet Garufis and Music & Artistic Director, Nir Kabaretti.

Just like that.

When we are clear on our purpose, know the internal and external causes and conditions we need to thrive, and seek to show up with the intention to help others (and those are all BIG “ifs”)… we find the very humans that we love to be around, that inspire and teach us, and that together we can make a difference with.

My heart is singing.

Everything I do, whether it is Next Chapter coaching or serving on a board of directors, or volunteering, or leading a Symphony Orchestra in a pandemic… is in alignment with my purpose to help those at crossroad moments unlock and reveal the strengths and impact that already exist within, breakout of cycles of frustration and indecision and into Next Chapters of joy and purpose.

Thank you for being a part of my e-community, and my celebration this week!

Let me know:  what are YOU celebrating?  What impact did you have (because you DID!)?  What choices or decisions did you make that made the corners of YOUR mouth turn up?  Let’s keep the celebration going:  Join me tonight for a Facebook LIVE “Ask Kathryn: Happy Hour!

To your success,


Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM


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