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“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford  

This past week, I had four people ask for my help in talking them “off the ledge.”

Like so many leaders right now, they are facing extraordinary challenges. And, here’s what can often occur:

The normal advice received from friends and colleagues is:

  • “You don’t deserve that”
  • “They (the poeple causing the problems) are crazy”
  • “Just ignore it/them”
  • “You need to find a job where you’re valued”
  • “You need to stand up to them/tell them how you’re feeling”
  • “Just take a vacation”

The normal voices in your head often sound like:

  • “I should be able to figure this out”
  • “What if I’m just not cut out for this”
  • “They don’t respect/value/appreciate me”
  • “They are clueless – they don’t understand the issues”
  • “I need more work/life balance”

And then – based on these external and internal interactions, decisions are made and actions are taken.  People quit, give up, disconnect; they get angry or sad; they suffer.  In some cases, the actions are the right ones (not the suffering!), however, in my experience working with leaders at crossroad moments, the actions taken simply are not the best ones for the individual.

Here’s why:

  • What if the challenge you are facing, is the exact moment of possibility for you to have the impact you are meant to have – if you only knew how? 
  • What if the challenge is revealing a new way of expressing your views or a new way of leading – that will create ease and flow for you and for others? 
  • What if the challenge is an invitation to reimagine your definitions of success, your role, and your next steps?
  • What if you notice that this kind of challenge has occurred in other work/life situations before, and it keeps repeating with different people and organizations? [#gasp]

Helping people sort these big questions out is one of my greatest joys. And, as my clients will tell you, the process can happen quickly when you connect with your unique purpose, understand the internal and external causes and conditions you need to use your inate “superpowers,” and learn how to communicate your truth and impact in news ways that help build your own momentum and trajectory.

If you are at a crossroads of some kind, feeling burnout and wanting to make a change, before you make decisions based upon well-meaning “advice” from colleagues (or from those pesky voices in your head!) I invite you to reach out.  The Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy is helping people just like you, through a proven process and a trusted guide (me!)

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To your success!

Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

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