Are you Yearning for a Breakthrough or a Big Shift?

Last month my husband and I watched The Greatest Showman.

Then, we watched the incredible video footage from the rehearsal presentations to get the movie greenlit, and gained a completely new perspective on why this film is so powerful.

This first behind the scenes video is from the rehearsal of From Now On.

Hugh Jackman had just had surgery and his doctors told him he couldn’t sing.  In all the rehearsals he had stood in place, gesticulating, etc. to help the cast see where he would be in the scene.

Then, in this song, something magical happens.

We witness the moment when he just cannot not contain himself and he joins in….against doctors’ orders! The cast and chorus –  who were already sounding amazing until this point – completely shifted and up-leveled their performance.

It was as if the molecules in the room changed!

The second behind the scenes video is from the same read-through rehearsal: This is Me.

In the introduction we learn that Keala Settle has been standing behind her music stand for all the rehearsals and would not step out front.  In the video we witness the actor – as well as her character – come out from behind and stand in her full Bigness.

As director Michael Gracey says, “it is one of those moments that will stay with me the rest of my life.”

It’s these tangible moments when the molecules in the air shift and something new is made possible, that are now a key component of my work, and how I’m intentionally curating my business and life.

A few years ago, I realized (or rather, was finally able to articulate) that I seek and yearn for that one moment where a “shift” occurs.

THE moment where the course of a life or an organization is forever changed.

THE moment where the molecules shift.

THE moment when you can feel the chemistry change, and the stars align.

In these moments, and throughout my work, I see possibility.  I see BIG POSSIBILITIES.  I see patterns, and thus I seek to nurture, feed and be a catalyst for breakthroughs, and a champion for my clients’ transformation.

So for you, as a purposeful leader, think of the moments in your life or business where you’ve created or witnessed a big shift in others.

As you think of your strategic trajectory, and the impact you are meant to achieve, do you also yearn for a breakthrough?

There are many factors that must exist to create a “molecule changing” breakthrough like this, and here are five prompts to help you begin today:

  1. Know yourself. Connect to what you really, really want (usually in terms of your desired impact).
  2. What do you believe may be holding you back?
  3. What assumptions are you making? What if… your assumptions are not correct?  What if… the complete opposite is true?
  4. What could be possible if you took a leap into your fear and came out from “behind the music stand into your Bigness”? What could be possible if you embraced the idea of being vulnerable and showed your perfect imperfections…your humanity?
  5. What could be possible if you made decisions based on what brings you joy?

I first recognized my passion to help create transformation serving as a professional Interim Executive Director for arts and culture organizations.  Having led nine organizations through times of change and transition, and now through coaching, it’s exhilarating to experience:

  • Coaching a leader who believed she wasn’t valued, and watch her come to realize that she was the one holding herself back and she could change the dynamic.
  • Creating a space for a board of seasoned financial leaders to be moved to tears; and connect to their organization’s deep purpose and impact.
  • Using momentum as a catalyst to help a self-described “non-fundraising board” to spontaneously raise $20,000 at a Board meeting; AND see them build their confidence and connection to each other in one moment! (those molecules again)
  • Facilitating and guiding stakeholders who considered themselves adversaries to realize that their differences were based upon incorrect information and they could actually help each other be successful!
  • Holding a vision for a strong woman leader to realize that that she can (and must) define success and create the life she wants “even if” industry norms say otherwise.

My heart sings when I am blessed to witness THE moment of a shift.

I invite you to look for and create the possibility for these remarkable, molecule changing moments, too.   And celebrate them!  They are magic.

How are YOU creating the possibilities for Big Shifts – in your organization or for you personally?  And if you’re feeling like you’re at a crossroads of some kind, and wanting to have more value and “success,” let’s get on the phone to see if I can be of help!

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