Speak Your Impact to Connect and Help Others

This is such an exciting time!

As you think about your business, your non-profit, or yourself as a leader, it’s imperative that you have a strategy to be visible, and create a sense of momentum to maximize your impact and success.

But how?

Think for a minute about this past week.  What organizations or leaders did you observe on social media, in e-blasts, or at a meeting or public gathering of some kind who seem to be really going somewhere?

Who seems to be getting a lot of press/attention/recognition/revenue lately?

More importantly, who made you want to be a part of what they’re doing? Or perhaps even made you think: “wow – I’d like to have some of their success!”?

It can be helpful to reflect on what led you to think all those thoughts. What specifically did you read or hear? How many times? Did they say it, or was it said about them? How did they enroll and engage you?

Success is often much easier to see to see in others than it is in ourselves, and it can be captivating, enticing and inspiring.

Yet on certain days, hearing about others’ success can sometimes make us question our own value, can’t it?

As we see other people truly making an impact, we might have a tendency to diminish our own progress towards our goals. Perhaps we even assume that this kind of visibility is not going to be possible for us without a better network or more resources to hire pr/marketing/branding firms.

Don’t worry!

In almost every case:

YOU can create a shift in the dynamics around your organization or yourself professionally.

YOU can strategically create a “buzz,” invite curiosity, enlist support, encourage acknowledgment, and grow visibility – often without having to spend anything on marketing or branding.

And YOU can begin today.

When I teach and coach my clients how to do this, the results are truly energizing.

You effortlessly begin to differentiate yourself, create your authentic brand, and often increase revenue. You might receive a promotion or secure a dream job, notice more people reaching out to work with you, and feel yourself catapulting forward like never before!

Ready to get started?

Here are 4 actions you can take to begin to position yourself and create momentum SO THAT you can connect to those people who need you, or who you need:

  1. Take Inventory. What do you want to be “known for?” What do you want others to say about you that would be truly meaningful to you and let you know you are having impact and success? Make a list.  Create opportunities to share these unique points. Say what you want to hear.
  2. Observe your day.  What are you doing that is creating the possibility for impact?  What are others doing that helps you? Share these moments of your journey.
  3. Look for examples of the kind of of success and impact that YOU value.  In yourself and in others. Share them.
  4. Repeat Steps 1 – 3 regularly – in social media posts, quotes in the press, woven into your public remarks, in daily meetings, at board meetings – share your impact everywhere!

I’m not suggesting that you do these things to brag, or share them from a place of ego or vanity. The intention here is to always do this as a means to making a difference and helping.

Remember, you are speaking the truth!

You are presencing intention and your impact.  You are creating a subtle, simmering awareness of your values and your value.  You are enrolling, engaging, inspiring and connecting with those you are meant to serve.  You are painting a picture. You are creating a movement!

You are leading.

For now, know my premise:  What you do matters.  Or perhaps more specifically, who you BE matters. There are people in the world right now who need you just as you are, and it’s up to YOU to get your message to those who need it (you/your organization) most!

Please don’t leave it up to others to figure out how you can help them.  Take charge, be excited, and speak your impact!

To your success (in the unique ways that YOU define it),


P.S. – I love hearing from you!  How are YOU speaking your impact?  And if you’re feeling like you’re at a crossroads of some kind, and wanting to have more value and “success,” let’s get on the phone to see if I can be of help!

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