Being Happy… Matters


I want to share a question I heard alot this month.  I am grateful for the vulnerability and limiting beliefts that the question reveals, and I understand what it feels like to wonder: 

“Is it realistic to want to be happy in my job?”  


In fact, it is your responsibility to be happy.  After working with so many purposeful leaders, I know this to be true.

Joy is both a litmus test and a compass for having the impact you are meant to have (i.e. living in your purpose). – Kathryn

We NEED you to be living and working in the intersection of your joy and impact.  It’s why you are here… “even when…” and “even if…” (fill in the blank with whatever you believe makes this not possible, and then – with rare exceptions – know that it is not true.)  

You may want to take a minute to take that in.  We NEED you to be having the impact you are meant to have when you are feeling joy, even if you have a terrible boss, or a dysfunctional board, or are working in an industry where there is a lot of stress, or, or, or.

“Okay, now what? How can I be happy?”

Short answer: 

  1. By choosing to be. 😉
  2. By first understanding and valuing the missing, foundational self-knowledge about the impact you create when you’re feeling joy,
  3. By revealing the unique internal and external factors you need to create the possibility for that impact to occur, and
  4. By communicating and sharing the truth of #2 above, so that the very people and organizations that need the unique impact you provide, in the unique way you do it… can find and help you, and you can find and help them. 

Did you notice I did not include self-care, affirmations and power poses?  

As much as they can help us feel good in the short term, if we don’t have the concrete facts about ourselves that I describe in #2 and #3 above, then – even with successful careers – we can find ourselves wondering if “there is more”, or feeling adrift, frustrated, jumping from job to job, not feeling valued or heard, or constantly trying to prove ourselves, or believing that we need to be something more. 

The good news:  

You have everything you need to have the impact you are meant to have when you feel joy.  In fact, you’ve had these superpowers since a child. If I was talking with you right now, I would be able to SEE your superpower and help you understand it, communicate it, monetize it, nurture and sustain it, curate an integrated life around it, and leverage it.  

It’s what I do, and it brings me such joy. 

And, every day I pinch myself, remembering that my own personal Next Chapter journey began with a whisper of a question: “what makes my heart sing?”  Not knowing the answer to such a simple and sweet question, and committing to a practice of observation and mindful choice, changed everything.   

Do you have a question that keeps whispering to you?  As always, I love hearing from you!   

to your happiness,

Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

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