Ditch Resolutions. Focus on Joy & Impact.

“Joy is both a litmus test and a compass.” – Kathryn

A new year approaches.

An opportunity to create and name your New Chapter begins.

Gone is the need to make resolutions.

Gone is the need to prove yourself.

Instead, look inward, and simply take stock of what brought you joy in 2023 – and why.

Challenge yourself to make it a looooong list.

Then, from that Joy List, write down the impact you had on OTHERS in these exact moments and because of these moments. Directly and indirectly.

Think. It can be hard at first.

  • What is revealed?
  • Any patterns?
  • What contributed to you feeling that joy and having that impact? internally and externally?

What if your 2024 could have even more of these moments of joy & impact? 


What would it look like?

I define Purpose as “the intersection of joy & impact.  the sweet spot.”

Now is a time to take charge, and mindfully choose what you really want in your life and business – and know why.

It is a time to begin to actively and strategically curate the life you want.

It is a time to (only) choose the feelings, thoughts, language and actions that create the possibility for getting what you really want.

The good news?  You already have everything within you to live in the intersection of joy and impact. 

You’ve already been doing it. 

You may just need to become more knowledgeable about yourself, and learn how to wield your superpowers for good!

If you’d like a guide to help you reveal your superpowers and purpose so that you can actively curate your Next Chapter, let’s talk!  Schedule a complimentary and confidential Strategy Call to dive in to your specific scenario and see if Next Chapter coaching is the right fit for you.

To your success!

Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

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