Gratitude is… Strategic

Do you know that gratitude not only feels wonderful, but it can help you make decisions in your career and life?  You can you use the practice of gratitude… strategically.

If that makes you bristle a little bit, I’ll share more context.

First, to actively curate a life of purpose you must actively and intentionally be observing and making conscious choices.  I define purpose as what exists at the intersection of the moments when you are feeling joy, and when you’re simultaneously having your greatest impact on others. The sweet spot.

“Mindfully choose the thoughts, feelings, language and actions that ONLY create the possibility to live the life you want.” – Kathryn

Gratitude is a Choice

Earlier this month I posed this topic of gratitude to some amazing women at the launch of the “ASK Kathryn!” series here in Santa Barbara*   The discussion was wide-ranging – here are some of the top takeaways you may find helpful.

  • The practice of gratitude is a daily choice: to notice what brings you joy, observe what and who helps you be your best self, and to begin to see patterns in both what you choose to notice as well as the momentum you are creating.   
  • There can be barriers to choosing gratitude:  It can feel that you’re not being “authentic” if there are people or situations that you don’t like.  There can be fear about opening yourself up to hurt or being taken advantage of.

An Example
When our son was (successfully) battling brain cancer, a friend asked us how he was doing.  Simultaneously, my husband said “terrible” and I said “great.” 

Both were true. 

For me, being in the present moment enabled me to see what had been in front of us on that specific day: our son laughing at a silly TV show, a nurse who spent some extra time to make him comfortable, being together as a family, and more.  For me, noticing and choosing to express and feel gratitude – even in the direst of situations – was helpful.  It was a strategy I used to create the possibility of grace and connection to our son. And, it was a strategy that helped prevent me from becoming paralyzed with negative thoughts about what may occur tomorrow.

When I lead arts organizations through turnarounds, or help clients curate their Next Chapters, gratitude is a big component of the leadership tactics and strategies I use to help create new-found momentum, focus, time-management plans, and more.  Gratitude is how I “reverse-engineer” transformational shifts, unprecedented momentum, ease and sustainability, by noticing and building upon what IS going well, and what IS making a difference.

An Invitation
Be fully present! Take a minute to just BE. In that state:

  1. Reflect on the moments when you’ve felt joy, and
  2. Write down 3 ways you made a difference in those moments.
  3. How does the life/career you want, look and feel? And, therefore:
  4. What are you choosing to be grateful for right now? And why?

Let me know what happens when you try this.  Valuing what you reveal is the beginning of creating a strong foundation to build a life and career around, make Next Step decisions informed by your uniqueness, and so much more.  

You Are on My Gratitude List
Thank you for being a part of this community of mindful leaders!  Thank you for everyone who lets me know how you are navigating and curating your life and careers. Thank you for connecting me with amazing people who are at a crossroad moment, and want to move forward with joy, ease, clarity and financial sustainability.

Thank you for the impact you are having on others when you are feeling joy!  And, thank you for looking inward to reveal your path, purpose and unique gifts you are meant to bring to the world.

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To your success!

Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

Photo by Donald Giannatti

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