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Every other Friday I share the Happy Friday Newsletter with an intention to help readers be their best selves.  Actionable and inspirational tips, guiding questions and the lessons I (continue) to learn.  In just four years, over 5,000 leaders around the world are now a part of this movement – and I love hearing how you are making a difference and helping others.


A Coach by Your Side is Powerful

Top 5 Reasons Every Purposeful Leader needs a Crossroads Coach

We all want to maximize our potential. Still, we get stuck and in our own way.

How To Create Opportunity During THE Most Critical Stage of Leadership Transition

Learn how to set your organization up for success - the often missed step that creates lost momentum and downward spirals.

Asking for Help, Honors Others

Want to catapult your success? Ask for “favors.”

If you hesitate in asking for help or support, use “5 W’s” to help shift how you think about asking for help. It's easier than you think!
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Don't let thoughts & assumptions de-rail you

How to deal with toxic self-talk after an interview or presentation

Interviewing: Even the most successful, experienced and qualified leaders can inadvertently close doors of possibility.
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What are your superpowers?

Two Questions Leaders Must Answer

Our actions should speak for themselves... but what if the people you are meant to help, can't yet SEE your actions?  What if they are moving fast focusing on their own problems? You have superpowers - let people know!
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Leaders: Don’t hide your YOU-niqueness

You/Your organization are not like anyone else.  But you may sound like you ARE. Use impact and momentum languaging to differentiate yourself - and connect with those you're meant to help.
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What Will You Call Your Next Chapter?

5 STEPS TO ELEVATE YOUR MESSAGE: Create Your “Chapters of Impact & Intention”
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Leading with the Heart

Lead with Your Heart (and your feet)

3 Guiding Questions to Help You Lead, Inspire, Succeed
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Wait. Set Your Intention

Transform Your Meetings by Setting Intention

Are your meetings working? Before you meet with others, take some time to collect your thoughts and mindfully determine what you want to occur.
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help others - find your success

Help Others. You’ll Find the Success You (Really) Want.

When we reframe what we want to “do” in our career, to what problems we want to help people solve, we create more possibilities for real transformation, and, we reveal and utilize our unique value. Take this Challenge:
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2019 is YOUR year!

Creating Your Vision for 2019? Add THIS!

Setting your vision for 2019? Shift your emphasis to the IMPACT you are seeking - everything will fall into place.
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