Did your CEO or Executive Director Just Resign – READ THIS!

  •  Do you serve on a non-profit Board and you just learned that your CEO or executive director is departing? Wondering how you’re going to find a strong successor AND ensure the organization still thrives?
  • Are you are the outgoing leader or retiring Founder, and want to make sure your organization, staff, and other key relationships – are taken care of, and all the success you have achieved continues after you’re gone?
  • Or, do you know someone who’s organization is about to go through a transition?

Watch this video below for the 5 Actions you can take today to begin to re-frame your approach and ensure a smooth and positive top leadership transition. (Yes… I said “positive” transition –  but only if you do some key things along the way.)

*SPOILER ALERT* The “best practices” you may be thinking of implementing right now are NOT the things you need to be doing FIRST – nor will they guarantee the results that you want and need.  Watch the video and learn why!

Visit www.LeadTheTransition.com to learn more, and set up a CONFIDENTIAL call where we can look at best next steps for YOUR specific transition scenario.

To your success,


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