The Power of Listening – and an invitation to my tribe of leaders

As I’ve listened to clients and colleagues over the past 19 months, some definite trends have emerged, and in the video below, I share what I’m working on right now and going forward that I know will be of help.

If your organization is facing a top leadership transition RIGHT NOW, please visit: and hear what you need to be thinking about before you send out a Press Release, hire a Search firm, and appoint an Interim leader!

If this topic doesn’t apply to you right now, don’t worry you’re still in the right place!

I’d appreciate you sharing this page with anyone you know who is going through a leadership transition.

Stay tuned for more of the leadership tools, tips, and impact, insights and inspiration via content that you’ve come to expect from me. [and be sure you’ve clicked on the green buttom at the top right side of the page to join my e-community!

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