Creating More Impact with a Single Shift – A key lesson for any field [#3]

As I continue my travel adventures for my business, I’m noticing more themes that I think can help us all as we grow into the best leaders we can be.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve facilitated some group leadership events and one lesson that has surfaced quite often in the work is that we need to choose our words mindfully.

We need to take FULL responsibility for the language we use so we can create more possibilities for achieving the outcomes we want. As I prepared for facilitating these events, I realized how easy it is to use words that – although correct – don’t actually convey any intention on my part nor elicit the kind of engagement I need for the group to connect, learn and have deeper insights.

In fact, using some of these “standard” words can actually create strong negative reactions and frustration, or at minimum cause people’s eyes to glaze over and lead to the participants become disconnected. There are some words and terminology that over time, can become “empty.”

Think of a time when you were invited to your annual board or staff RETREAT. What do you feel? (I’ll bet I know)  Now what if the invitation said that this year it was a SUMMIT? You may not exactly know what that means, so already you are more present.  Also, there may even be an assumption that your input matters and that a group of experts are going to convene to do good work.

Here’s another example:

Think of what may happen when see that the consultant has slides on MISSION, VISION, VALUES… [groan.. we KNOW who we are, let’s just get to the part that will HELP us!]  Instead, what if you were guided through a process to determine your IMPACT, capture your STRATEGIC TRAJECTORY and begin TELLING YOUR STORY?  What if you had a clear sense of “Here’s where we Are, Here’s where we’re Going and Here’s how we’re going to GET there!”  AND, what if you left the day being able to fill in this sentence:  “This is such an exciting time as we…”

No matter what project I’m working on, whether it’s 1:1 Leadership Coaching, Transition Strategy Consulting work with Boards, Interim Leadership or workshops –  it seems I am always brought back to the need to first determine what we “want”. THEN we can more clearly choose the embodied actions (thoughts, feelings, language)  that will create the possibility to achieve those outcomes.

Whatever you’re working on right now, I hope that my Lessons from the Field are resonating with you and inspiring you to move towards what YOU actually want.

If you’d like to connect with me for a 1:1: Clarity Call to determine you or your organization’s best next moves to achieving your goals, get on my calendar by clicking here and we’ll make it happen!

With your success in mind,


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