Five Questions to Help You Move Forward with Purpose

For those of you in the United States, this weekend will likely include family and friends gathered around BBQ’s, beaches, parades and fireworks!

Summer is here!

This season brings so many opportunities for enjoyment and relaxation, AND can provide:

  • A time to shift from the last big push to end your fiscal year in the black, to embarking on exciting new initiatives.
  • Opportunities to be “firing on all cylinders” for those of you who run summer music festivals or are entrepreneurs running events and launching new products and services.
  • A time for professional transitions as some of you leave organizations in good shape and move to new roles and communities.

This time of year also reminds us that we’re half way through 2018 – and while you’re heating up the grill this weekend, it may be a good time to reflect and take stock of how your professional life integrates with your purpose and personal life.

Here are Five Guiding Questions to Help You Move Forward with Purpose

1.  How are you making a difference in the lives around you? [HINT: you are] Think about the times when you know you’ve “showed up” as your best self. What occurs and to whom?

2.  What excites you? What makes you happy, fulfilled, joyful in your life?  Why? Is it any of your answers to question 1? Be specific!

3.  What are some ways you can do more of that in the second half of 2018?  Look at what’s in your control. Challenge any limiting assumptions about what you think isnot possible.

4.  If you look ahead to New Year’s Eve 2018, what do you want to be celebrating? Choose things that will really make you feel good – I’m not asking about your organization or business, or anyone else’s feelings or expectations! This is 100% about YOU.

5.  What are the embodied actions (thoughts, feelings, language, choices) that you could take over the next 90 days to create the possibility for that end-of-year celebration? Do you need to create time to think strategically? Be well rested? Feel connected? Increase your visibility and personal brand in certain arenas? Who are the people you need around you (or not)?

When you focus on doing what you love, and you know why you love it and how this helps lift up others – directly and indirectly, it can bring a wonderful energy and effectiveness into your current work and relationships. Prioritizing and decision-making becomes effortless, and you are valued for what is important to you.

Here’s an added bonus to doing this work…

When you share your intention to measure your success in terms of impact, momentum can build as people better understand and are inspired by what occurs when you are you – and want to help and be a part of something that matters!

As you look ahead to your next six months of 2018, give yourself a gift this holiday weekend and invest in taking some time to make sure that while you are enjoying “success” you are on the path you (really) want.

I’m here to champion and support your efforts as you commit to curating an integrated life that creates the possibilities for being your best self SO THAT you can help those you are meant to help.  Let me know how you are doing!

Happy Independence Day!

To your success (filled with fun, joy and big impact!),


How are YOU making sure you are doing what you love?  And if you’re feeling like you’re at a crossroads of some kind, and wanting to have more joy, fun and “success,” let’s get on the phone to see if I can be of help!

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