Getting Your Next Chapter “Right”

The month of June is often a moment of shifts and transitions – from one chapter to another.  

The school year is ending. Vacations are being planned.  Bathing suits are being tried on. For those of you working in non-profits, performance seasons are ending and you’re likely in the final throws of fiscal year end appeals. Some of you have accepted new jobs to begin in the fall, and some of you are hoping to make a change of some kind.

Whether your shift is a physical move, adopting a new mindset strategy, already underway or frustratingly not yet happening… you have a big opportunity (dare I say: responsibility?) to get your Next Chapter right.

My invitation is to curate an integrated life and career of joy and impact – with ease, sustainability and momentum.  Monetize your superpowers. 


The short answer is by saying “YES, I want that!”  The longer answer is by going through a proven process to reveal the missing self-intel so critical to being able to successfully reverse-engineer the decisions, thoughts and actions needed to get you what you (really) want. 

What a thrill it is to witness and be a catalyst for transformation. To receive someone’s trust when they are at a crossroad moment and are ready to take their courageous leap into a Next Chapter, is a profound honor.

While every situation and journey is unique, it is comforting to know how many common threads we share when at a crossroad moment.  It is observing these commonalities that enable me to serve so many leaders at all stages of their careers and in a variety of fields and disciplines.  Here’s some recent comments from coaching clients in The Academy.

  • I thought you were helping me refresh my resume.  Instead, you were changing my life.
  • All these years I’ve been blaming others for not valuing or implementing my ideas… you helped me realize I had never once said out loud what I was specifically recommending or wanting!  Now that I’ve found my voice, like magic, everything is shifting!
  • I have been discounting the value of the very thing I know how to do effortlessly and joyfully.  Who knew a career could be built around my unique superpower?! (you did, Kathryn!)
  • I was unhappy where I was, and unable to decide if/how/when I should leave. Within 24 hours of our Strategy Call and completing the very first module in The Academy, I felt hopeful and empowered.
  • Somehow, you created a linear process to helping me find my purpose and then making decisions based upon that information.  Working with you in The Academy, learning from and supporting other leaders in our cohort, accelerated breakthroughs and created momentum.  
  • I had been told by multiple recruiters and colleagues that before I could get the job I really wanted, I would need to move, get more experience in fundraising and managing a larger staff.  You were right:  it wasn’t true for me!
  • Years after graduating from The Academy, I still have your voice in my head!  “What would Kathryn say?” has been a comforting and empowering prompt to bring with me as I advance in my career.   

As always, let me know what thoughts this blog brings up, and what shifts YOU are – or want to be – making as we head into the Summer.

To your success!

Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

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