Your Next Chapter Began NOW

Have you been thinking about wanting (or needing) to create an exciting Next Chapter in your career or life, and envisioning how much better everything will be when you achieve the goal, get the job, lose the weight, finish the certification. escape from a challenging situation, write the book, launch a business, downsize, etc.?

Yes!  Creating a Next Chapter brings with it tremendous opportunity. (IF our “Point B” is connected to our purpose, superpowers, impact – and IF we know how to communicate and leverage them)


As you work toward the wonderful “Point B” you envision – I invite you to find ways to live fully – and with gratitude for – this present moment.

You know that person you respect and admire?  The person you view as being successful and wanting to have that kind of success?

Guess what?

YOU are that person to someone, right now. 

As we continue to take our next steps and envision an exciting future, and as we continue to learn, improve, change and strive to reach important goals, it’s important to remember:

Every day is a precious gift.

Every day you are responsible for (in my opinion) finding ways to show up fully, with joy, ease – because when you DO not only do we feel great… others also benefit. 

“Your purpose is not a business or a cause – those are just “vehicles” for delivering your impact. Your purpose is the impact you have on others when you are feeling joy. Find that sweet spot, know it, nurture it, share it. – Kathryn

The Next Chapter that you are working toward…began NOW. Choose to BE the exciting future you are envisioning.

How do we do that when we’re not happy with our current situation?

These 2 thought prompts may help:

  1. When you achieve your exciting Point B and are showing up fully, happy, etc:
    • How will you feel?  Why?
    • How will others around you feel?  Why?
    • When they feel that, what will then be possible for them? Why?
  2. What are the ways you can create those same feelings (and thus your mpact) in your current situation as you plan and create your Point B?  (note: your feelings are a choice – regardless of those around you.  Yes, “even if…”)
    • What ARE you grateful for in your current situation?
    • What DOES bring you joy in your current situation?
    • What can you do today to create the possibility for you to show up fully in your current situation?
    • What might happen to others when you choose to do that?

If you are actively wanting to create a Next Chapter of some kind, and are looking forward to that result – woo hoo!  If you are simultaneously impatient, sad, depressed in your current situation – let’s fix that. It’s important for you to be thriving today while you plan for your future.

As always, let me know what thoughts this blog brings up, and how YOU are navigating your present situation.

To your success!

Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

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