Gratitude Changes Everything

Are you wanting to make a change, or wishing for something “better” in your career or personal situation?”

The good news:
  Everything you need is in the present moment: Money. Relationship. Success. Happiness. 

The trick:
  Noticing what actually IS in the present moment.

This can be harder than it looks.

So often, the way we view our situation feels like the only truth. The facts. We feel feelings and create strategies based upon that starting point.  What if we are mistaken?  What if the opposite is true?    

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ― Henry Ford

When we’re burned out, overwhelmed, unhappy, worried, feeling like a change is needed, or wanting to start a new business, leave a relationship, apply for a new job… we are trained to look to the future.  We can place a lot of emphasis and energy in imagining how things will be better, “once I…”, “when I…” or “after I…”.

Life is precious.  Every day is an invitation to have impact on others when we feel joy (and, I believe it is our responsibility to set that daily intention for being).

Of course,  we don’t want to fake happiness or pretend that we feel valued, or say we’re happy when we’re not.  Instead, I’ve found that by cultivating a practice of gratitude, we become more aware of the good around us right now.  We can still work to make changes, but it’s important not to be suffering along the way. 

Every new day offers so much for us when we cultivate a practice of noticing the tangible, factual things already around us that lift us up and create the possibility for what we seek. A practice of gratitude.

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” ― John Lubbock

For some people, this shift in “reality” of what actually IS has come at breakthrough moments.  For me, it was when I was at our son’s hospital bed as he was battling cancer, and I suddenly realized how many blessings we had when I stayed in the present moment vs looking ahead into the unknown.  Or when years ago I began a morning practice of listing what I was grateful for… and in one week moved from only being able to identify ONE thing to be grateful for, to a list of over 30 items.  “Nothing” had changed, but my awareness had shifted and then everything changed; how I felt about myself, others, and the possibilities I now saw around me!

When I coach leaders who are seeing their situations in terms of “lack,” (lack of money, experience, opportunity, happiness, visibility, success, etc.) incorporating a practice of gratitude creates a curiosity and willingness to test assumptions and identify limiting beliefs –  and “like magic” everything changes.

I love hearing from you:

  • What are you grateful for… today?
  • What do you choose to look for… in the present moment?
  • What assumptions are you making about what is and is not possible that you are curious about and willing to test?  

To your success,

Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

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