How to stay calm during the pressure of deadlines [Friday Leadership Tip]

Do you feel like the past few weeks have been unusually filled with pressure, extra deadlines, and seemingly endless “to-do” lists?

You’re not alone. Up until the Labor Day holiday, things traditionally slow down, as many of us are on vacation, and the phrase: “Let’s touch base after Labor Day” appears in a lot of emails, texts, and phone calls.

Then, all of a sudden, the holiday is over, and everything we’ve been waiting until “after Labor Day” for suddenly becomes more urgent, right?

During these intense periods of deadlines, goals, and urgent “to-do” lists, I find it’s extremely helpful to get re-connected to our “WHY” again.

When we shift our thinking back to the impact we are making with our projects and initiatives, it can have a calming effect that grounds us to WHY all of those deadlines exist in the first place. Once we focus on the impact of it all, it often becomes much easier to prioritize, meet our obligations, and provide the best help to others. 

When we’re scrambling around trying to frantically move from one urgent item to the next, it’s easy to get discouraged, overwhelmed, and actually way off track from our purpose.

So as we move towards the last quarter of 2016, I encourage you to center yourself and get connected to how you feel when you KNOW you are making an impact. As you prioritize your action items, really think about the lives you a touching, the people you are helping, and why you set forth on your mission in the first place.

Feeling pressure is common this time of year. Give yourself the gift of re-connecting to the “WHY” of it all, and notice the shift in your energy.

If you’d like to hop on the phone with me to help you get re-connected to YOUR ‘why,’ and identify your best next steps to achieving your goals, I invite you to schedule your FREE Clarity Call with me here. To your success,


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