Patterns Reveal Opportunities

Outside, it’s raining and it’s cold.

I’m grateful to be inside and carving out a moment to reflect on this past week.

It always feels like magic when I see patterns appear in my life – especially when the patterns appear across all aspects of my life.  I have come to look for them and pay attention to them.  They are always a great source of learning, strategy creation, and an indication of momentum or an opportunity to pivot.

By the end of this week, the following patterns have revealed themselves that reinforce my path and strategy as a leader, coach, friend, mom.  See if they resonate with what you are observing:

It’s time to take care of ourselves.  People are getting sick, bodies have reached the point where they are forced to rest. Suffering does not only come from daunting and stressful deadlines, it can also come from being exhilarated about work and all the opportunities that are possible.  The invitation is to create strategies that allow us to have sustainable impact.

It’s time to see & value the impact you have on others. For most of us, it is not a skill we learned, or are comfortable expressing. In fact, we incorrectly categorize it as “bragging” or “tooting our own horn” and as a negative trait. As a result, so much time is wasted in the wrong jobs, or stuck in roles where you feel undervalued, or in meetings where you’re not heard.  Time is wasted trying to figure out how to prove things vs how to help. Time is wasted feeling like an imposter.  Job applications and interviews make you sound like everyone else. The invitation is to be an expert on yourself.  To know the facts. And, to create strategies that enable us to live within the “sweet spot” – the intersection of the joy we feel when we are having the impact we are meant to have.  This is a pattern I see every week. Helping people find and communicate their impact and purpose is my superpower and purpose 

It’s time to welcome the joy, love, emotion that is being felt…into the boardroom, the concert hall, in a high-level negotiation. Look for it.  This past week I witnessed leaders courageously showing their feelings very publicly and felt the ripples of impact as the molecules in the air changed. When joy, love, emotion are present, honor it, welcome it, nurture it.  To do so, is to create the possibility to transform the “work” into transformational moments of shift, connection and true success.

Here’s what I know:

  • Seeking out and noticing patterns is an embodied practice.  Gratitude and awe play a role.
  • Truth and facts exist in versions that help us move forward and in versions that keep us stuck.
  • Mindfully choosing the “story” around what you see, and thus your resulting RE-action to the pattern, is what makes the difference between curating a life of joy and impact versus never getting what you want. 

What patterns do you choose to see in your multi-faceted life?  Why?  How do they help you create the life you want?  How do they keep you stuck?  How do they help you continue to adjust and fine-tune how you use your superpowers and how you create the impact you are meant to achieve?

If you ever find yourself at a Crossroad Moment, please don’t stay stuck. Look for your impact, look for your joy. Build upon that.  Together we are creating a movement of people living in the wonderful intersection of impact and joy!

To your success!

Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

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