Share Your Voice. Raise Your Hand. Have Impact

“Know your Impact.
Share your voice so that the very people you are meant to help (and who can help you), can find you.”

― Kathryn R Martin

Making the intention to actively share your unique voice, is an integral component to curating the life you (really) want – a life of impact, joy, ease and financial sustainability.

As a successful leader, every day you talk, write, post on social media, lead meetings, sit at the head of the (now virtual) table. You give speeches, you are in (or were recently in) a role that you were selected for because of your unique expertise and the value you bring.

And yet, have you ever:

  • not spoken up or reached out to someone for fear of being rejected?
  • not made a recommendation because it might not work?
  • diminished your voice out of “respect” or worry you might overshadow someone else, or that you might make them feel threatened, or “less than”?
  • held back on raising your hand because you didn’t want to appear too (fill in the blank)?
  • kept silent when you sensed your opinion would not be viewed well or would cause a negative reaction?
  • thought “who am I to speak about this?” (i.e. there are so many other people more experienced/smarter/fill in the blank than me.)
  • finished a presentation, meeting, or job interview and while it went well… you sense that it didn’t connect enough to make a difference?

If so, and you’re also feeling undervalued, underappreciated, unseen, unheard, frustrated, stuck, or feeling a pulling to make a change in your career/life of some kind, then you have an opportunity (responsibility!) to look inward to better understand the limiting beliefs and assumptions about yourself and others that may be inadvertently preventing you from showing up fully and sharing your unique voice.

I can tell you with 100% certainty:  You are here for a reason.  And we need you to know why, so that you know how to make the mindful choices to cultivate and curate your life of impact and joy.

  1. Know what your true value / impact is, and always has been – no matter what role you’re in.
  2. Know how to create it over and over (be able to identify the internal and external causes and conditions you need), and then
  3. Create opporutunities to share it, speak it, embody it SO THAT those you are meant to help can find you, and those who are meant to help you can find you.  You’re not speaking up to brag, to receive praise… it’s so that you can connect.

It stands to reason that if we don’t know and/or can’t communicate our value to ourself, how can we possibly be upset if others don’t know? 

“I deserve a raise, but my board doesn’t see my value.”
  • Kathryn: “Why do you deserve a raise?”
“We’ve done salary comparisons, and for our budget size I should be earning more.  I have the qualifications and experience.
  • Kathryn: “What is the impact you have on others/your organization?”
“I manage the budget, I deal with the day to day problems that arise, I raise money.”
  • Kathryn: “That’s great, but that’s your job.  What is your true value as a leader? What differentiates you from all others?  What do you make possible? How do you make people feel? Why does all that matter?”
   … crickets

Of course, fortunatley as we build successful careers over time, many people around us DO know our value.  Can you imagine what could be possible if we were each clear on how we can best help others, knew how to create the scenarios to do it frequently, and knew how find the very people and businesses who need the specific impact we offer when we’re feeling joy?

What you have to offer the world and those around you is LIFE CHANGING. It’s true.  Always.

Over the next few days, I invite you to find ways to communicate with the intention of helping others. In some cases, you may be the lone voice making a recommendation, or posing a not-yet asked question.  You may inspire someone by sharing a post that interests you, writing a blog that shines the light on possibilities you see, or picking up the phone to reconnect with someone you’ve been thinking about. 

Speak up, raise your hand, be courageosly vulnerable, find your voice, observe your impact.

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To your success! 🥂 

Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

PS: Please let me know how you are doing.  I love hearing from you!  How are YOU courageously choosing to share your voice?

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