One, Two, Three… “Spring!”

Over the last 2 weeks, here in San Diego things are blooming, sprouting, breaking through the earth and rising up. It’s Spring!

I know many of you in other parts of the country are still experiencing winter-like weather, but even if that’s the case, do you sense something germinating inside YOU this time of year?

Do you see it?

Can you feel it?

Do you hear it?

Right now you are either thinking I have added “mind reading” to my coaching skill-set, and you’re saying:

  • YES! she knows! I’ve decided to look for a new job!  or I’m launching a new business! or I’m committing to sharing my voice and standing up for what I believe in!

Or there are some of you who are thinking the opposite… You’re not feeling that “spring” inside of you.  You are thinking:

  • No, Kathryn. I’m just doing my job and living my life. Or No, she doesn’t know what I’m facing, I’m unhappy, and I’m stuck.

No matter which camp you’re in, here’s my encouragement for you.

You can start where you are right now, and actively create the important momentum that enrolls and engages others, and keeps you motivated and on track!

All it takes is a choice.

When you (only) choose the embodied actions that support getting what you really want to achieve, and support the impact you really want, you can create that “Spring” inside you!

Once you’ve got the ball moving even just a little bit, then you can nurture, celebrate and SHARE your journey to really ignite that creative fire and purpose within you!

Even if you feel completely stuck, just start.

Do one simple thing that moves you forward today.

One thing, that’s it!

It definitely feels like Spring in my coaching practice, as the extraordinary women leaders of the January cohort of my Create Your Dream Career (Life!) program and the entrepreneurs of March’s 6-day leadership Impact Intensive have been breaking through limiting beliefs, finding and speaking their impact, and creating their new-found momentum in alignment with their purpose.

I’m so proud to watch them manifest new, exciting job opportunities, and reconnect on deeper levels with their contacts. These incredible women have chosen to shed long-time patterns and replace them with those that create possibilities. They’ve found renewed confidence and value through new clarity in purpose – both in their current roles and as they curate their next chapters. They are sharing their joy with each other thanks to the incredible connections they’ve created in these groups.

Here are some questions that may help YOU find and build momentum as we head into the Spring season:

  1. KNOW. Describe what you want to create (a life of meaning, increased income so that I can do “x”, a new job where I’m valued, joy, connection, impact, all of the above!, etc.). I call this your “Point B of Impact” and your “Dream work-life Scenario.”
  2. REVEAL. Looking back over the past months/years, what choices have you made that create the possibility for you to achieve that Point B? (enrolled in a certification program, began exercising, adjusted relationships, talked with an investor, etc.)
  3. IDENTIFY. What did you do/How did you Be today that creates the possibility for you to achieve that Point B? (what language, feelings, thoughts and actions did you choose? Note: even the “smallest” of actions can have significance.)
  4. PROCLAIM. Say what you want (#1) out loud! and why. Say what you’ve done to get here (#2). Celebrate the actions you’re taking today (#3).
  5. WATCH THE MOMENTUM BUILD as you continue to choose to notice and presence your choices!

When you truly know the impact you have on those around you when you show up fully as your best self, and when you know why that matters so much to you and to others, big things begin to happen.

When you are clear on what you (really) want, you create the possibility for transformation, and make it possible for extraordinary things to happen “effortlessly” and “all of a sudden” “out of the blue”!!!

When you know how to articulate your impact using elevated language that connects with those you are meant to serve, you change lives and make the world a better place!

Take a moment to listen to what’s growing inside you. Nurture it. And commit to helping it (and you) fully blossom!

To your success,


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