Commit to “Small Actions” to Reveal What is Needed

For the past 28 months I’ve sent out Happy Friday emails with an intention to provide inspiration, help you connect to your impact so that you can enroll and engage those who need you, and provide prompts and information to support you in all aspects of your journey as a purposeful leader.

“What do I want to share with you today?“

When I first started my Happy Friday emails 28 months ago, that question would make me nervous, and would lead to more questions like:

  • What if the content isn’t helpful or relevant?
  • What if I run out of ideas and topics to share and teach?
  • What if people unsubscribe?

I’m happy to report that today, I love thinking about what I want to share with you, and I appreciate that what at first I feared is now the conduit for me to connect with incredible like-minded leaders throughout the world (just this week I spoke with people from the Netherlands and from Russia!)

Originally, I thought I would plan out the year of topics in advance.

I wondered whether I would be “brave” enough to use words like transformation, purpose, intention, joy (and even Happy Friday) in the context of business and leadership practices.

Yet somehow I knew that if I committed to this regular communication, it would be an important part of growing my business, would fuel my personal growth as a solo-preneur, and most importantly create the possibility for me to connect with those to whom I am meant to support.

So…I made a commitment and stuck with it.

And, just like I now help my clients do, I created clarity in intention, clarity around my Why, and I kept taking strategic leaps into vulnerability, which in turn became catalysts for big shifts, and powerful momentum:

  • I began to trust and value that sometimes a “last-minute” inspiration is the best way to share something that is authentically important to me and inspired by my recent conversations, client work, and observations.
  • My confidence grew.
  • I am now clear that when I speak in my voice, I attract those who I am meant to support.
  • Common themes and patterns are revealed through the diverse organizations and leaders I am supporting; which have helped me better serve you – my e-mail community and my clients.
  • I have evidence of where you want support – thank you for your emails, calls and posts!
  • My intention to deliver content that resonates with readers at the exact moment that they need it, has created the authentic work-personal relationships that I could never have imagined!

So let me ask you:

What seemingly small actions can you commit to doing on a regular basis SO THAT you can help others (and create clarity in your purpose, ease, joy… and momentum)?

NOTE: Nerves and resistance are normal and may be indications that you’re thinking more about yourself than others, and/or they may be revealing an area to break through!

Trust your instincts. Trust your process. Believe that what you do, in the unique way you (already) do it, is waiting to be received by those who need you. GO!

To your success,


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