Two Questions Leaders Must Answer

“What is your superpower?” More and more leaders are taking the time to answer this empowering question.

And for good reason.

Knowing our superpower makes us feel good and just as importantly, it helps connect us to those who need what we have to offer.  It differentiates us; revealing our multi-faceted uniqueness, our true value, and our purpose.

Big stuff.

You are more than a job title, or a list of your accomplishments, and yet that’s how so many leaders are trained to talk about themselves and how they measure their success.

We are taught not to “brag” and believe that our actions should speak for themselves.

But what if the people you are meant to help, can’t yet see your actions?  What if they’re moving so fast focusing on their own problems that they don’t realize that you see ways to help? What if they can’t read your mind? 😉

I reviewed hundreds of cover-letters and resumes each year from qualified senior level candidates.  “First cut” application materials would be lined up on my desk, and – for the most part – they all sounded the same.  Even in phone interviews, successful leaders could all sound the same.

It was frustrating, because every person has a unique ability, a unique way of doing things, interacting with others, solving problems, that – depending on the situation – could be exactly what was needed. But we had to guess or in my case, take time to help the candidate try to convey insights about themselves that on the surface may not be immediately visible to others. (References can certainly help reveal this information, but often they are called only after candidates are advanced.)

One of my superpowers I’ve come to understand, is that I can quickly see the unique value in people (and in organizations) and help them find the authentic language that captures the extraordinary ripples of impact that they create. When I teach clients how to unlock their true value and purpose, I use a system for creating “elevated impact language” to help build momentum and success – meaningful, financially sustainable, joyful success. Shoulders go back, confidence builds, and clarity comes. Passion and purpose allign.

In keeping with the superhero theme, here’s an additional question that can help amplify your value messaging.

“What would the newspaper headline be when you USE your superpowers?”  What do you make possible for others?  You use your abilities “so that…” what can occur?  What is your impact?

When you can articulate your superpower and your impact, you have a real starting point for:

  • prioritizing where you put your time every day
  • mapping out your next career steps
  • knowing which jobs and organizations will be the best match for you ,
  • building a compelling cover letter
  • interviewing authentically and powerfully
  • negotiating a top salary
  • evaluating your success
  • enrolling and engaging others
  • networking with intention and purpose
  • increasing your confidence, joy, balance, and more!

If you’d like to create some impact language:

  • I have a number of exercises and articles on my BLOG PAGE to help you tap into your impact.
  • The INFORMATION PAGE for the new self-paced, fully-guided, virtual Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy has all the details on how to register and begin immediately.

To get a sense of how superpowers can be incorporated into “professional” communications:

  • Go on LinkedIn and pull up “people recommended for you.” Then quickly scan what appears under their name and notice any that convey the problems they solve/impact they have – rather than their job title. (There won’t be many.) Do any of those give you a sense of the situations they might be able to help you with? or what it might be like to work with them?
  • I recently came across a website where their staff listing features each person’s name, photo, and superpower.  I love it.  I find myself really looking at each photo and thinking how amazing they must each be, and having an overall sense of what the company values.  (here’s the link – note, I don’t have any affiliation with this company, but now I’m curious to know more.)
  • My coaching clients are expanding their impact by using elevated impact messaging in staff and board meetings, curtain speeches, playbills, fundraising appeals, networking, job searches, decision-making, creating work-personal balance, and more.

I love hearing from you!  What are YOUR superpowers and what do they make possible for/how do they benefit others?  Please share in the comments below!

Happy International Women’s Day/Month/Year!

To your success,


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