What Will You Call Your Next Chapter?

Watch this short video message from Kathryn: “I’ve named my “Next Chapter” – and it gives me a new way to support leaders like you!


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What do you want in your “Next Chapter”?

This is one of the fundamental questions I ask most often – whether I’m coaching exeutives, leading organizations through transitions or facilitating board leadership summits.

When we’re ready for a change, it’s normal to want to focus on “how are we going to get there,” but only when we are clear on what we really want for our “point B” can we truly ensure we will move toward a “next chapter” that creates maximum impact, joy and fulfillment.

However, asking the question “where do we want to be” and going in deep to answer it is often a missing piece of the growth process.   

It’s hard to know what we really (really) want.

We think we know: “I want to get that job.”  “We want to balance the budget.”  It seems pretty clear, but in reality, when you obtain “that”… it can feel empty, or you’ve burnt out and are disillusioned because you had to do it all on your own, or worse – you observe that it actually didn’t solve what you needed to solve, or get you what you were really seeking.

Framing our current situation and what’s next in terms of Chapters or Phases – whether in our personal lives or in our professional careers – helps us in many ways and that’s why this process is a core component of my new self paced, online Academy.

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Clearly defining our “chapters” or “phases” helps us to convey our intention.  And, even if only in hindsight, it allows us to convey strategy.

It helps search committees understand your true value, and how the wide variety of jobs you’ve held are germaine to the impact you can create.

It helps others connect to an overarching plan by providing context, helping to get a group of people all on the same page. It creates movement and momentum. And, it helps create engagement when “all” you are doing is your core mission/purpose – without the pressure to create new, shiny programs to get people’s attention.

Naming our Chapters or Phases, immediately breaks us out of the paralyzing dynamic of Status Quo.

Here’s part of an exercise I lifted right from the content of my new Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy that I use to help leaders quickly move forward. (Check out all the details on the Academy HERE)

5 STEPS TO ELEVATE YOUR MESSAGE – Create Your “Chapters of Impact & Intention”

1. With the benefit of hindsight, what are the words to describe the Chapter/Phase that came before where you are now? The impact of your past history/focus.

  • A time of…
  • That resulted in…  (to you and to others)
  • Therefore, this Chapter was all about… (describe overarching focus and impact)
  • Create a name for this Chapter.  A time of…

2. Now think about what is about to happen in the next Chapter/Phase:

  • What is a big milestone(s) and when will it/they occur?
  • When I/we achieve it, what will I/we be celebrating? And why?
  • “So what?” and “why does that matter?”
  • Therefore, this Chapter is all about… (describe overarching focus and impact)
  • Create a name for this Chapter.  A time of…

3. Therefore, when thinking about where you/your business is right now:

  • When I/we achieve our goals this year, what will I/we be celebrating? And why?
  • Therefore, this year is all about… (describe overarching focus and impact)

4. Put it all together with my “E.T.S.’s” (Exciting Trajectory Statements):

  • This is such an exciting time as I/we build upon the success/insights of the past (describe), and create the possibility for our extraordinary Next Chapter (describe impact).  This year is all about (describe focus/intention).”

Here are some examples:

A music festival created a surge of new momentum “simply” by framing what they were already going to “do” without adding any new programs:

This is such an exciting time as we launch our three-year Vision Initiative:  

Phase1: The Year of Transformation [Year 1]
  Connecting to our community
  Telling our story
  Building a solid foundation -Transitioning to the future

Phase 2: Living our Legacy [Year 2 & 3]
  Inspiring our artists and audiences
  Impacting our community
  Leading cross-border collaboration

A senior executive who knew she was going to be resigning, wanted to “seed” her network so that when it was announced, her resignation made sense and her network understood her value (more than a list of skills) and was positioned as a successful, purposeful leader:

[excerpt] It’s been a while since we last spoke, and I want to give you a quick update! This is such an exciting time for me, as I continue to champion xx, advocate for xx and connect xx to much needed resources.  There is much to do is this field, isn’t there? Everyday I’m grateful to all those who are joining me on this crusade and making the impact of our organization and those of so many, possible

In my short video message above, I shared an example of how I’m framing my past and current Chapters.

My heart is singing as leaders are already in the Academy having their first breakthrough’s!

It would be a privilege to guide you as you create and curate YOUR next chapter of impact – in your career, life or business.

To your success,


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