Make Next Step Decisions with CERTAINTY

Have you recently been encouraged to: Be authentic” or “Follow your heart”?

For many, these two pieces of well-meaning advice can either cause paralysis or regret.

Neither is good. 

My heart aches when I see amazing people in a personal growth or empowerment workshop who want to believe the speaker who tells them (correctly) that they can do anything they set their mind to. However, if they don’t yet have the missing self-intel needed to know what they (really) want, or they have limiting beliefs about what is possible, then they can’t know how to be authentic or to know what their heart is saying!

By the time the person gets home, the positiveness has worn off, and they are left with the same questions and doubt.

You cannot address Imposter Syndrome by faking it or muscling through positive affirmations.

You cannot start creating more work-life balance by disconnecting from your obligations.

You cannot create Next Step decisions that create the possibility for your ideal scenario, based upon “shoulds” or cookie-cutter advice.

Our brains are too smart. 

If you don’t believe you belong or can do something, the underlying doubt or hesitancy continues.  If you don’t know what you really DO want, then you make decisions based upon what has worked for others. If you don’t know the unique impact you create and how you do it, then you sound like everyone else, and are like a chameleon or a ship without a rudder.

If you are wanting to make a change, are you “blindly” trying to…

  • decide what to do next – in business or in your personal life?
  • prepare for an interview?
  • update your resume, website, social media?
  • lead a meeting?
  • prioritize your To Do list?
  • decide whether you have the resources to invest in something?

How are you approaching making those decisions and actions? Are you:

  • Seeking expert advice?
  • Google-ing it?
  • Taking a time management course?
  • Asking trusted friends and family?
  • Doing power poses and/or say positive affirmations?
  • Making a budget?

The problem is, these “best practices” can work, or they can send you down a path that doesn’t get you what you really want.  It’s a crap shoot.

Instead, I invite you to make decisions and communicate in ways that align with your true value, impact and purpose.

The trick?

You must know your true value, your superpowers, your impact and your purpose! 😉 

I define purpose as “the intersection of the impact you have on others when you are feeling joy.” 

When we know and understand this “sweet spot” we can then make informed decisions that ensure our thoughts, language and actions create the possibility for this to occur – every day.  We can learn how to wield our superpowers for good – and know how to replenish, cultivate, monetize and leverage them.

When you know the impact you have on others when you’re feeling joy, you can only then learn ways to communicate it to attract the very people and organizations who NEED the impact you know how to create (in business, this creates a high value proposition for your services).

You can finally make plans and decisions based upon your YOU-niqueness.

You can finally reveal and test the assumptions and story you’ve been accepting, and take charge of a new, evidence-based narrative.

My purpose and my passion is helping people reveal and communicate their purpose so that they can experience unprecedented momentum, joy, ease and the sustainable impact they are meant to have. Together we are making the world an extraordinary place.

Let’s DO this! Join me in the  The Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy to become an expert on yourself so that you can then take your next steps and curate your dream work/life scenario.

As always, let me know what thoughts this blog brings up. I am here for you!

To your success!

Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

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