Whether you are a CEO, a stay-at-home-mom, an employee, self-employed, retired, unemployed… here are four statements that are 100% true:

  1. You are a leader.
  2. You have a purpose.
  3. You have impact.
  4. You have unique superpowers to create that impact.

Please read them again – out loud: 

  1. I am a leader.
  2. I have a purpose.
  3. I have impact.
  4. I have unique superpowers to create that impact.

The Big Question (and a solution)

How comfortable were you in speaking them out loud? Any dis-comfort?

Do you believe the statements?

It is essential that you know these four truths and how they are true for you – not out of ego, not to prove yourself to others, but SO THAT you can:

  • make informed decisions that makes sense for YOU
  • know where to focus your energy and time (and where not to)
  • advocate and position yourself in ways that align with your true value
  • be compensated in alignment with your true value
  • curate a life of ease, clarity, joy, impact, with emotional and financial sustainability

If you don’t yet believe the statements, AND if you’re at a crossroad moment (feeling a pulling to make a change but not knowing what, when and how), frustrated with not being valued, there is a solution.

Try this

For many amazing humans, it is really, really hard to – on our own – look inward to reveal and then articulate these key aspects of ourselves. Try these 4 questions to begin:

  1. How am I a leader?  How do I define being a good leader?  (and for some:  Why don’t I like that word? Why do I think it doesn’t apply to me? What limiting beliefs are hiding in my reaction to these questions?)
  2. What is my purpose?  (I recommend skipping this question, initially!  It’s too big, and without a proven process to reveal it, you can get and stay stuck here for years!)
  3. When I am happy and fully present, what are the ways I impact those around me? At home, in my community, in a business?  How do I make people feel?  When they feel that, what does that make possible for them and others? I invite you to stay on this question until you have a nice, long list.  It can be challenging shifting from thinking about what we DO, to the impact we have on others when we show up fully!  This is also a key strategy in job search materials and interviews. Why does creating that impact seem to come so easily to me and why do I love it so much?
  4. What are my innate superpowers that I know how to use to create the answers I listed in #3 and #4?

Back to Purpose

I have come to define purpose as “the intersection of the impact we have on others when WE are feeling joy.” 

When we identify this “sweet spot” we can then take charge and actively curate the lives we truly desire. For some, this awareness came over time and without suffering. However, often we need help to reveal the foundational self-knowledge that unlocks… everything.

Begin Today

If you want to make a change of some kind (internally or externally) and don’t know how or when to begin I’ve developed a linear process and coaching methodology to help you.

You are a leader.
You have a purpose.
You have impact.
You have unique superpowers to create that impact.

My purpose and my passion is helping people reveal and communicate their purpose so that they can experience unprecedented momentum, joy, ease and the sustainable impact they are meant to have. Together we are making the world an extraordinary place.

Let’s DO this! Join me in the  The Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy and you’ll become an expert on yourself!!

As always, let me know what thoughts this blog brings up, and if you’d like a guide as you search for your next job, make Next Step decisions, uplevel your leadership. I invite you to lean in and invest in a coaching process that does just that. I am here for you!

To your success!

Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

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