Get Rid Of The Imposter. Now.

The dynamics of Imposter Syndrome can be complex, challenging to self-diagnose, and create significant self-imposed barriers to curating your dream career/life. Try the Imposter-Removal Exercise to help determine whether your self-doubt is objective and accurate, or an unfounded, self-sabotaging assumption.

A Coach by Your Side is Powerful

Top 5 Reasons Every Successful Leader Needs a Crossroads Coach

We all want to maximize our potential. To hone our skills and strengths, to gain the experience and network to build upon, to have value and be compensated accordingly, to be healthy and strong, to be successful.  For many, deeper goals also resonate: to be helpful, to make a difference, to be kind, to be […]

Executive Coaching Program

Is an Investment in your leadership A powerful strategy for your Organization? Kathryn R Martin coaches successful leaders to adapt and thrive in their current roles in order to lead their organizations forward. Her unique process helps hone executive presence, positioning, connect to your unique value and purpose. Executive Coaching is a good fit for… […]

1-on-1 Crossroads Coaching

Are you Ready to Create & Curate your Dream Career and Life? Kathryn R Martin coaches successful leaders break out of the cycle of frustration, burn-out, and continually thinking of your next steps but not taking action – and instead curate your dream work-life scenario. Her unique process helps you find clarity of purpose, impact, […]