Are You Ready?

It’s “back to school” time!

For children and families, there’s a lot of anticipation and preparation as Summer comes to an end and a new school year begins.

This season often includes many trips to the store to purchase all the necessary new clothes and school supplies (these days the list is much longer than when I grew up!). There’s also plenty of logistics to plan when it comes to transportation schedules, after school activities and all of those little details that ensure the kids are “set up” to succeed.

As an adult, we likely experience our own “back to school” energy, don’t we?

As summer winds down, we start to feel anticipation for new things to come – either something you already know about, or we feel a stronger pull towards making a change of some kind within our own “school year” ahead.

Are you prepared? Are you ready?

Here’s what I know:

In the next 3-6 months you need to be successful.

By that I mean that you show up regularly as your best self, stay confident in your purpose, value and impact, and that you fire on all cylinders as you move through your day with joy.

When you do this, your heart will sing because you’ll know you are making a difference in the lives of those around you, connecting with those who you are meant to help and enrolling and engaging those who are meant to help you.

So…Are you doing what’s needed to prepare yourself to do and be that?

When I work with successful leaders around the country, I notice that there are patterns in how they approach this question in order to make their highest level of impact.

They look for and create the causes and conditions needed for this kind of success.

Here’s how:

First, it’s imperative to know your true value, your true impact, why that matters and to whom

Second, you must think about how to best communicate that value/impact

Third, you must make decisions to help you achieve it daily

As summer quickly comes to an end, here are some guiding questions that may help you prepare and think about how to maximize your success in the role you’re currently in, and/or help you make that leap into a new role or situation.

  • What are the physical/tangible items and resources I need to invest in to be successful (as Kathryn describes it above)? Your adult box of crayons and new calculator!
    • Do I need to create a new work-personal schedule and routine?
    • Is it time to declutter my office?
    • Which key colleagues do I need to meet with more regularly?
    • What reframes and readjustments can I make to my “To Do” list to focus on working in my highest value and delegating or rescheduling the other items?
    • Could I purchase a new journal?
    • Is it time for me to work with a coach?
  • What are the interpersonal dynamics and structures I need to create to be successful (as Kathryn describe it above)
    • Do I do my best work as part of a collaborative team? Or in a role where I have autonomy?  How can I create that?
    • Do I do my best when I have the big picture context and know how my tasks contribute to the greater good? Do I have clear structures and processes from which I can add my creativity? How can I create the best case scenario here?
  • What are the embodied actions that I must choose to maximize the chances of my success?
    • Thoughts:  Do my thoughts support my vision for success? What limiting beliefs and negative assumptions do I make about what is and is not possible/practical/realistic?  What if… the opposite is true for me!?
    • Feelings:  Feelings follow thoughts.  Do my feelings support my vision for success? How do I want to feel? When I test and shift my assumptions, what do I notice in how I feel?
    • Language: Do the words I use support my vision for success? [This is a HUGE, exciting strategy to employ]
    • Actions:  Do my actions support my vision for success? Am I seeking the support I need? Am I afraid/embarrassed to ask for help? If so, how can I shift that so that I can have the success I envision?

This list is not meant to scare you!  Up until this point I’m sure your instincts, experience and knowledge have served you well!

However:  IF you feel like you are at an important crossroads, feel frustrated or stuck in your current role, or feel called and pulled to make a leap into an exciting new chapter, then I invite you to connect to your impact and value what you need to do and be your best self. This is THE starting point.

To your success!


P.S. – I love hearing from you!  COMMENT BELOW: How are you preparing for the upcoming year?  How will you ensure that you have what you need to be your best self, and have the impact you are meant to achevie?  If you’re feeling like you’re at a crossroads of some kind, let’s get on the phone to see if I can be of help!

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  1. Excellent advice, suggestions and food for thought! I’ll share with my team.

    • Thank you, Kati! And congratulations on the impact your organization is having!

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