About to Make a Big Decision? Do this first!

Every week the following two, sometimes three, questions often arise:

  1. What should I do?
  2. When and how should I do it?
  3. Will I be able to do it?

And, in most cases we know how to go about answering them.

However, if you are facing a pivotal Crossroad Moment in your career and life, your normal process of answering these questions may not get you the results you are truly seeking and can even be destructive. 


Because when those same three questions arise in the context of big, Next Step decisions about our career and life, people forget that they are unique.  Or, more likely:  they don’t yet know that they are, why that matters, and what they need (internally & externally) to activate their superpowers, create their impact, and curate lives of joy, ease, clarity and financial sustainability. I refer to this as the missing Foundational Self-Knowledge (that no one teaches us about!).

Instead, those three questions are answered:

  • Based upon industry standards, expert advice, and opinions from family and friends … that may or may not be relevant to YOU, your situation, your family goals, and personal priorities.
  • In RE-action to opportunities (a job offer), challenges (a difficult work environment, constant deadlines), fear (of being left behind, of having red flags on your resume, of failing), “shoulds” (judgment, comparison to others) and limiting beliefs and assumptions about what is and is not possible, and what you are capable of.

In other words, you either keep going in circles and stay stuck, or you make decisions without the benefit and context of knowing what you (really) want, and so end up in a Next Chapter that looks different on the outside, but where you are just as unhappy as before.

To say it in the positive:  when we know this missing Foundational Self-Knowledge, and when we learn how to activate it in real life, it changes everything for the better, provides crystal clear clarity and informs everything we do.


The answer is both simple and complex:  by working with me.  By enrolling in the Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy.  By making a commitment to being responsible for being the expert on yourself. By being courageously vulnerable and scheduling a Strategy Call to discern for yourself whether or not the approach I coach will help you get unstuck and moving forward into your dream scenario.

This feels very direct.  I do this intentionally, knowing that the people at a Crossroad Moment that  I’m meant to help before the New Year need me to be direct.  Taking the action that I’m inviting can feel like a big, scary, leap, and I need to help breakthrough the circular thinking and invite one simple action:  talk with me.  You can do it! 😉

For my readers who are NOT at a Crossroad Moment, this is a great time to commit to a practice of self-observation, gathering data on the moments when you are having impact when you are feeling joy, and what you need (internally and externally) to nurture and amplify those moments!

To your success!   


Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

A note about me:

I help people break out of cycles of frustration and indecision and curate lives of impact and clarity of purpose – with ease, joy and financial sustainability. 

I am a “purpose-whisperer” and am honored to teach a proven process that unlocks critical and often missing foundational self-knowledge.  I then teach you how to use that knowledge to differentiate yourself in careers/job applications/negotiations, fine-tune and leverage your superpowers, and make decisions on what to do next, when and how.  The critical part?  All this is guided by your unique purpose. We need everyone to be having the impact they are meant to have!

To do that, I need to meet you!  🙂

If your palms are now starting to sweat…  I have 3-Step invitation to take your Leap:

  1. Set up a confidential zoom Strategy Call HERE
  2. You will immediately receive a short 3-question survey
  3. In our confidential Strategy Call, here’s what to expect:  laughter, maybe tears, me showing up fully for you:
    • I’ll share my 2 intentions for our time together:  By the end of our conversation, I hope to have been of help, and that we both have a sense of what it’s like working with each other.
    • I’ll ask you to share the one question that keeps rolling around and around in your head.
    • I’ll guide a free-flowing, non-scripted  ~ 45minute session, focusing on you.  
    • IF you and I both think working together may be a way for you to achieve the results you’re (really) looking for, you can ask me for specific information on how I work with clients (also available on my website), costs and time committment.
    • I may invite you to apply to be a 1:1 client or enroll in The Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy.

That’s it. Nothing to be scared about, everything to gain.  Join the movement – take YOUR first step.

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