Create Your Dream Career (Life!) – private, curated cohorts for successful leaders

What if you could Create your Dream Career / Job / Life – where your income reflects your value, you have positive work/life rhythm, and are having the impact you are meant to achieve? What if your heart was singing?

And, what if you could be DOING all this in three short months?


• Successful, but wanting to have a greater impact in the world?
• Wanting to be challenged and continue to grow – in areas that make your heart sing?
• Committed to being the best you can be in your current role?
• Wanting to make a change?
• Unhappy in your current job?
• Not valued in your current job?
• Not moving forward in search processes or not getting hired – even though you are qualified and could do the job?
• Wanting to have more time to do the things you want to do?
• Feeling a pulling into a Next Chapter, or are at a crossroads of some kind?

In the past 22 months, over 30 successful leaders have worked with me to create their Dream Career / Life. They’ve increased their salaries, aligned their work with their purpose, elevated their professional brand & value, created momentum and impact in their careers and for their organizations/businesses, and… their hearts are singing.

• experiencing significant shifts in mindset,
• feeling more confident and that what they do matters,
• having new clarity in what they want and why.
• being in their dream job and work/life scenarios,
• being more effective and valued in their current role,
• increasing their salary,
• other people being inspired and knowing exactly how to help them
• feeling like momentum was building, and
• enjoying their integrated and purposeful lives!

The first step is often the hardest. All of my clients took a deep breath, called me, took another deep breath and said YES.

If you are ready to learn how to leverage your unique strengths and motivators, create strategic messaging and elevated positioning to differentiate yourself, and help others help you on your journey, then I am here to support you.

CLICK this link to schedule a CONFIDENTIAL call to talk about your scenario, and whether my CreateYourDreamCareer (Life) program is the right fit for you. I’ll share how the 90-day program works to 1. Quickly reveal what you (really) want, and 2. Provide the professional support every step of the way to help you achieve it.


To your success!




  • First, Learn How to Be the Expert on You
    • Learn and create deeper insights and knowledge on what your unique strengths and motivations are
    • Learn what impact you have had/have on those around you, and beyond
    • Learn why that impact matters – to you and to others
    • Learn how to reveal patterns that have existed in past scenarios (patterns of internal or external forces; positive or negative)
  • Learn and Gain Clarity on What You (REALLY) Want (Your “Point B of Impact”)
    • Learn what your ultimate goal/desire is, and why
    • Learn how to Test Your Assumptions about what is and is not possible, best practices, industry standards and professional/personal expectations
    • Learn how to reveal your current trajectory – you’re not STUCK!
  • Learn How to Create the Embodied Actions that will support you achieving what you really want!
    • Examine a normal “I want X, but’s it’s not possible” cycle, and then learn how to breakthrough with “KRM’s 4 Steps to Getting What You Want” – (only) choosing the thoughts, feelings, language, actions that will create the possibilities you envision
    • Re-examine patterns and past trajectory and learn how to create the actions that will support your goals.
  • Learn How to Differentiate Yourself in your networking or in job searches; negotiate a salary in line with your value, create your dream career
    • Learn and Create Your E.T.S.’s (Exciting Trajectory Statements) following KRM’s prompts
      • Practice among peers in the coaching sessions and private Facebook group
    • Create your new Elevated Language in alignment with your value, impact, and goals.
      • Draft and finalize new written & verbal tools; incorporating strategic messaging and positioning into:
        • Cover letters, CV’s, Social Media profiles;
        • Networking, search preparation, salary negotiation; public remarks, in the press, board and staff meetings, and more!
  • Continue to Hone and Refine your Message and Mindset via coaching, and a private FB group
  • Receive situational coaching & consulting for your real-life scenarios, challenges and new opportunities encountered throughout the 90-day Program.
  • Be a part of a network of like-minded, purposeful leaders throughout the world who understand your purpose and have the desire to help each other.

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