The pitfalls of “If..then” thinking and how to create what you want NOW

In the past two weeks, have you had any of the following thoughts?

“When I get my new job I’m going to be so happy! I’m going to play more of a leadership role!”

“As soon as I’m able to take a vacation I’m finally going to spend some quality time with my family!”

“As soon as I finish this big project I’m going to get back to eating well and exercising! I just need to get through this busy time right now.”

“When I land my next big client, then we’re finally going to be able to start our family!”

“When my organization is a little more stable, and me leaving won’t be a burden, I’m going to move on!”

Any of those sound familiar?

If so, you’re not alone!

All of these thoughts can be great motivators for making a change. They are the beginnings of stating what you want or what you wish for.


The statements above can also be barriers to doing what you are meant to do, and being who you are meant to be.  They can actually be blocking you from getting the very things you want!


All we have is the present moment.

Here’s a possible reframe:

Instead of thinking: “When x happens THEN I will do/be y

I invite you to do/be your “y” … now!

Do and Be your WHY!

Do and be You!

Right NOW.

As I work with my clients to begin curating their next chapter in life, I support them to begin acting “as if” they are already IN it.

Their first reaction is often to tell me that that external forces are preventing them from being and doing what they want right now. Perhaps they’re dealing with a terrible board of directors, a crisis needing all their time and expertise, or they feel the need to research data that proves something they want to do is not going to be possible.

Or perhaps it’s a personal matter such as a family member needing round the clock care, etc.

Even if some of these things may be true, they do not define YOU. They do not need to control how you show up in the world today.

They don’t need to be resolved BEFORE you take action.

My premise (that has been proven correct every time) is that you have a unique way of doing and being, and that when you do and be THAT, you create ripples of impact that make a difference.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to do and be you… NOW, and every day.

No matter what.  And “even if….”

The external circumstances rarely line up perfectly, or align just the way you want them, and you may never have ALL the information or training you think you need. But you must understand that by waiting to make this shift… you are hurting those you are meant to serve.

If you could hear my tone of voice right now, you might be startled by the intensity, but as a coach it’s my job to challenge you and hold the space for you to step into BEING all that you are, right now!

So stop waiting, and start being and doing the way you are meant to.

Right now.

Let me know what happens!  

To your success,


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  1. “To do is to be.” Aristotle

    “To be is to do.” J. P. Sartre

    “Do-be-do-be-do…” Francis Sinatra

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