Stand out – SO THAT you can make a difference!

I truly enjoy working with many kinds of leaders in a variety of different ways.

I feel such fulfillment when I share insights and experience that can not only support your own career development, but also your organization’s growth.

While this is tremendously satisfying work, it does present some challenges as a business owner.

I often find myself toggling back and forth between sharing topics that might apply to you directly versus those that are more broadly focused on leading your organizations.

This week, I’m confident that my Happy Friday topic directly applies to both scenarios.

When I used to lead executive searches, I would notice that most cover letters from qualified candidates (and even phone interviews) all sounded pretty much the same.

  • Same skills…
  • Same way of talking about their accomplishments and industry-recognized metrics…
  • Same way of expressing their goals and desires for their next career move.

I also notice this trend when organizations create job postings, publish brochures, write appeal letters, or even create board meeting agendas.

  • They sound like every other symphony, theater, opera, museum, etc.
  • The messages are all the same, they are transactional and “superficial”, and uninspiring (unless you are connected enough to already KNOW the importance and value of what is being offered).

What’s missing? 

  • The messaging doesn’t convey the unique and transformational impact that you have when you are doing your best, or when your organization is firing on all cylinders.
  • It doesn’t differentiate you.
  • It doesn’t fully enroll or engage others into supporting you/your organization as you work towards something that really matters.
  • It doesn’t create the sense of exciting movement – of having a strategic trajectory of impact.
  • And it doesn’t convey your intention (your purpose), and why that matters so much… to OTHERS.

Why is this a big deal? 

As mission-driven organizations and as purposeful leaders, you are here to serve.

Question: when you do what you do, in the unique way that you or your organization do it, can other leaders or organizations have the same impact? [HINT:  no]

People need to know what problems you solve, what you can help them do or feel, and why doing that or feeling that matters (to others – not you), SO THAT you can attract (or be attractive to) the people/organizations that can benefit. They will better understand your value, and want to help you.

The solution:  Know what you do, and know what the “ripples of impact” are when you do it. And then?  Communicate it and inspire others to join you!

Begin bringing the questions and answers of impact, trajectory and intention into your thoughts and communications.

  • Develop your impact vocabulary, and incorporate it into a cover letter or an interview, or elevate your bio or social media profile, or use it to keep ensuring that you are valued in your current role or industry,  “What occurs as a result of me raising all those donations?  Or in directing that play? How do I make people feel?  What difference did that make to others? Your community? What did it all make possible?” 
  • Jump to the Impact Punchline when developing your organization’s next job posting, brochure, appeal letter or curtain speech. “What happens to our audiences when we present high-caliber performances? How do they feel? What possibilities does that create in their lives? And why does that matter?”
  • Enroll and engage others by sharing your momentum In terms of impact.  “Here’s where I/we are, and and here’s where I’m/we’re going!” More than striving for a new job title or balancing your budget, what will achieving that goal make possible for others? Now THAT’s going to be inspiring!

When I guide boards and staff through leadership transitions, help organizations work together to achieve big goals, or coach successful leaders through the Create Your Dream Career (Life!)TM 90-day coaching program, this Impact Visioning becomes the foundation, and the inspiration of our work together.  This process can be met with resistance, impatience and confusion, and – through a guided process – can be incredibly transformative (and yes, increase revenue!).

Try it out!

And, before I close, can you guess how I might introduce myself?  Do I say:

  – I am an executive and organizational coach, a transition strategist, a professional interim leader, a consultant? 

  – I am the owner of my businesses?

All are true, and yet they don’t create the possibility for me to give you a glimpse of my purpose, and differentiate me from others.

Instead, I choose to shift the energy to the impact:  I help mission-driven organizations and purposeful leaders have the impact you are meant to achieve.  (When THAT occurs, people are happy, my heart sings, lives are saved, communities come together to help each other, and much, much more. I DO this in a number of ways, depending on what is going to be most helpful to the client.)

I look forward to hearing more about YOUR impact when you do what you do… in that special way that you do it!

To your success,


P.S. – JUST ANNOUNCED:  There was so much interest in the January cohort of Create Your Dream Career (Life)TM program that it filled, and I’m now curating a group that will begin in February.  Please CLICK HERE to apply and schedule a time to talk about your specific scenario.

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