Feeling Like You’re at a Defining Moment? This can help.

Something is happening.

Over the past two weeks, it seems like almost everyone I’ve spoken with has been in the midst of a “defining moment” and looking to create a new chapter of some kind. Some of these include:

    • a newly-retired teacher who is realizing she still has much to give and wondering what that will look like
    • a successful leader who is currently unemployed (either by choice or by circumstance) and concerned that they aren’t getting offers, and wondering why
    • an Executive Director who wants to help her industry by sharing her own experience and path of success, and is exploring how to package her ground-breaking methodology without seeming like she’s taking all the credit for it
    • an executive coach who is preparing to launch her business in a new way, and wondering how and when to communicate with her contacts and share this new direction
    • newlyweds who are thinking about how they want to design their lives together in ways that bring them joy
    • and (of course!) all the amazing purposeful leaders I’m supporting in The Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy.

While these conversations were unique to each individual, when I was asked what they should do, there are a few things that I found myself sharing with each person. No matter what their scenario, my first answer was always “It depends,” followed by:

    • “Your true value is deeper than the list of skills and accomplishments on your resume.”
    • “You are more than a job title.”
    • “Your noble purpose is the impact you have on others, when you are your best self. The bonus:  it’s also the very thing you seem to do effortlessly and for as long as you can remember.” 
    • “Reframe your vision and success in terms of impact, set your intention to be your best self (feeling joy) so that you can help others, and then – only take the embodied actions (thoughts, feelings, language, actions) that will make all that possible.”

Do these statements resonate with the way you are currently curating your life and determining your best next steps?

Or are you thinking that they aren’t realistic and practical?

Here’s some encouragements I invite you to consider…

    • If you are making decisions, and prioritizing time-management based upon “best practices,” “industry standards,” or what others expect of you,
    • and, if you aren’t satisfied, happy, or feeling in balance,
    • or you’re not getting the meaningful acknowledgement for successes that you care about…before taking any action, knowing what to do next must begin by gathering the foundational information and intel on you.

I invite you to begin that journey as soon as possible, and I am here to help.

To your success (the kind you really want!),


P.S. – If you are feeling like you’re at an important “moment” and are looking toward defining a new chapter of some kind, I invite you to schedule a complimentary Strategy Call  where we can discuss your specific scenario.

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