Looking for a Breakthrough? It’s Closer Than You May Think

I love watching for patterns that can teach me something or help me grow.

Last week as I coached over 100 purposeful leaders from all over the world in the free 5-Day Breakthrough Challenge, there were many patterns that emerged!

The Big Takeaway:

Even though it may seem like external forces and circumstances are what create the barriers between us and living our most joyful, successful and fulfilled lives, the biggest challenges we face as leaders often come from within.


It’s on US?


The good news?  The shout-from-the-roof-top news?

The breakthrough or shifts you need, can happen quickly.

Your brain just needs to see a small piece of EVIDENCE that shows the ROI of taking action toward curating a life of joy and ease, and that evidence is already present.

“All” that we need is a guide and a process to reveal it.

Here’s some suggestions that may help you shift one of the internal barriers:

  • For the next 3 days, observe and write down any time you say or thinkI should have…” At work, going to the dentist, any time!
  • Write down why you said or thought it, how you felt after saying it, and if anything then happened (or didn’t happen) that you observed.
  • Any insights?  Share them on my Facebook page, or in the blog comments below.

As I suggest with all my exercises, go easy on yourself and have fun with this!

To your success,


P.S. – If you are at a crossroads of some kind, and wanting a guide, I’m opening registration for a NEW leadership cohort.  If you’re ready to take action, schedule a 1:1 call with me HERE.

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