As the daughter of a scientist, I think I am wired to look for evidence of patterns.

It’s how I coach, it’s how I move organizations forward during times of transition and opportunity, and perhaps it’s how I try to make sense of this complex world we live in.

I become exhilarated when seemingly disparate things can create moments of possibility for deeper insight, connection and awareness when they are viewed together.

Certainly, my husband and I found many of these opportunities during our 30-day global pilgrimage and that experience continues to anchor me to the inner knowing that we are all connected and stewards of our planet. We are one.

This week, as I moved through a full and fulfilling week, a pattern revealed itself in the most interesting way in three vastly different situations:

I watched an excerpt from an upcoming documentary film that features an internationally recognized clinician who is changing the equestrian educational paradigm (my sister), Karen Rohlf.  She compels us to remember that horses have very few choices in their lives and they need us to be their patrons for the world and their lives.

I attended a convening on human (sex and labor) trafficking in Santa Barbara, and honestly I found it a little daunting when I saw the resources and changes that are needed.  We learned that the language so often used by society normalizes the perpetrators and creates the misperception that the victims have a choice: “child pornography” is really “child sexual abuse material.” “Child prostitution” is really “exploitation of children for prostitution.”

I convened my November Leadership Impact Intensive for the weekly coaching session, and – as happens in EVERY cohort I’ve led – I watched with compassion as these smart, successful leaders and entrepreneurs (powerhouses really) reflected on how they may be creating their own confining horse “stalls,” their own rooms of “captivity” by inadvertently having limiting beliefs and making choices about what they believe to be true.

My inner scientist knows that while the CNN commercial that tells us “an apple IS an apple” is certainly true; life and leadership are complex. When I work with leaders and organizations at a crossroads of some kind, there are often internal “mind fields” when looking at the “facts” of our own life or business, and as we think about what is or is not possible.  

Perhaps it’s our training in best practices, or knowledge of industry standards, or how others have defined and achieved success that create our own confining “stables,” but these long-held assumptions usually have absolutely zero relevance to our own situation, and simply don’t have to be true for us.  

As you navigate your own path forward, I invite you to take some time to get crystal clear on the impact you want to have, and get connected to your true value and purpose.

Then, CHOOSE the thoughts, feelings, language, actions that will create the possibility for that to occur.    

It’s tricky, but I promise it works. (Remember, I love evidence)

Our brains can tell the difference between just “thinking positively,” and basing our actions on a series of facts and evidence that support the truth of our choices.

Therefore, test your assumptions.  

Ask yourself ,“What if… what I (really) want IS possible?”  What would that mean for you, and those you are meant to serve and support?

Then go find the evidence that will make it possible for you to achieve the meaningful success you are envisioning – and that your business, your family, your community, your industry, and our world needs you to have.

Exercise your choice.

To your success, and with gratitude and good wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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YOU Can Choose