Creating Your Vision for 2018? Add THIS!

This is a week when many of us are thinking about what we want our 2018 to look like.

We’ll have visions about what we want to do and achieve, what changes we resolve to make, and where and how we want to be spending our time.  It’s a wonderful time of opportunity!

Some of you may notice yourself saying things like: “THIS time I’m really going to do it!” or “This year, I’m going to stick with it!”

For those of you who make vision boards, they are likely filled with items of wealth, travel, experiences, friendships and abundance.

Today, as we close out the year, I invite you to add an extra layer to your visioning – that can make a big difference in achieving what you want.

Complete these sentences for yourself:

  • “In 2018, I want ___________, SO THAT…___________”
  • “Making that happen is important to me because ___________”
  • “It’s important to me NOW because ___________”

Then, I encourage you to imagine that you are looking back at 2018.

  • “When I achieve what I want, what will that make possible?” How will that feel?

Spend some time really thinking about the IMPACT of getting what you want.

As a bonus, challenge yourself to go even further, and set an intention to take charge and create the causes and conditions needed for you to ensure you have that impact.

So the final sentence of this exercise would read something like this:

  • “Therefore, I am going to (only) choose the following thoughts, feelings, language, and actions that will create the possibility for my impact to be achieved:”

The answers revealed through this “Impact Visioning” not only provides deeper insights into your value and your purpose, but it will also motivate you (and enroll and engage others in your vision!).

When we know that the things we want will also benefit others – or that people around us are counting on us to have the impact we are meant to achieve, it raises the stakes, and increases our chances of making it happen!

This year, I’ve had the honor to work with so many wonderful organizations and individual leaders as they build upon their success and seek to have the impact they are meant to achieve… and wow – I’m inspired everyday by their commitment and courage to do what they do.

Here’s just a few examples of their impact that I’m celebrating as I create my own vision for 2018:

  • Opening up new career and life goals for youth, by providing first-time immersive and interactive experiences in the Arts
  • Saving lives by creating new marketing campaigns that educate the public on the importance of vaccines.
  • Healing wounded, ill and injured active duty and veterans through therapeutic salsa dance instruction.
  • Raising curious, confident, compassionate children, by being fully present in their lives.
  • Empowering low-income women artisans by facilitating cultural grounding, offering both teaching and learning experiences, and revealing artistic skills and creativity.
  • Connecting diverse communities in shared experiences and dialogue through commissioned works and accompanying context-building discussions.
  • Bringing joy to audiences through artistic excellence and programming that invites the public to be moved.
  • Making big shifts and ripples of impact possible as mindful leaders, by choosing to step into vulnerability, ask for help, buck trends, and test normal assumptions and best practices.

What does your 2018 vision look like and what will occur when you achieve it? How can I support you in making it come to life?

I invite you to email me and share YOUR big goals with me. Often, the very act of sharing your goals with someone who will hold the vision for you can be extremely empowering.

Cheers to your New Year, and all that it will bring!

To your success,


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