Is your top leader departing? Do THIS.

Whether you’re a CEO, a board member, an entrepreneur or leading a family, (or maybe more than one of those things) at some point, you will face a leadership transition – or two, or three!

While the video below is focused specifically on arts leadership transitions, the principles I share are applicable to all of us.

When first learning of a possible transition in our organization, it’s normal to want to spring into action immediately, and start planning the search for a new leader.

Here’s what you likely already know:

  1. You need to have a succession plan in place.
  2. You will need to search for the next leader.
  3. You will need some kind of interim management plan.

Here’s what you may not know…

Springing into action on these three items will NOT guarantee a smooth and successful transition. In fact, by launching into action on these items too quickly, you can actually hinder your long term success.

The most critical moment of an organization’s top leadership transition occurs between the moment it is FIRST known, and when the next “tier” of people find out!

There are key questions that must be answered, and potential pitfalls that you likely can’t even see. BEFORE you make any public announcements or begin the search, it is wise to seek some expert and objective guidance to address these critical issues.

In the video below, I’ll share some of the key questions to consider, and some tips from my experience having lead so many wonderful organizations through this process.


To your success,


P.S. If your organization is (or you are!) planning for or experiencing a transition, visit to see how I work with our clients on these types of scenarios, and how I might be able to help you.

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